10 Dangerous Apps Banned By Google From Play Store! delete now; Check out the full list

                Google has banned 10 popular apps due to their malicious nature.  These are very dangerous and can cause massive damage and loss to innocent users.  Check if your smartphone has any of these apps.  If you do, delete it now.
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All the Android apps that you see available on the Google Play Store need to pass several security checks of the internet connection before they can be available for download by bu users. However, sometimes these malicious apps somehow manage to escape these security checks to be listed in the Google Play Store as many users download them thinking they are useful. Surprisingly, they collect a large number of downloads too! But sometimes these dangerous apps get detected and Google Play Store removes them to ensure no more people discover the web. Now, it is revealed that Google has banned 10 popular Android apps from the Play Store that have been downloaded over 60 million! This means that a large number of people have these dangerous apps on their smartphones.

According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, Google has removed these 10 Android apps from the Play Store due to their dangerous nature that can steal user data. These online scammers aim to gain access to data on a large scale. As per the recommendation, these malicious apps were able to share the exact location of the users with the hackers. Moreover, these apps have access to emails, contact numbers, and even passwords.

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How did hackers use these banned apps to steal users’ data?

Data theft Android apps have been used as a tool by hackers to gain access to the smartphones of all those who have downloaded these apps. Hackers used to steal data via these apps through the “cut and paste” method. Basically, whenever a user copies an OTP, password or any other details, hackers are able to steal the details through these apps from the device. The report also stated that these apps were able to help the fraudster access files downloaded on WhatsApp.

Due to their dangerous nature, Google has decided to ban these apps from the Play Store. However, if any of these malicious apps are downloaded on your smartphone, it is advised to delete them immediately for security reasons. Here is the full list of these malicious apps that are banned from Google Play Store:

  1. Radar camera speed

  2. AI-Moazin Lite (Prayer Times)

  3. Wi-Fi Mouse (Remote Control)

  4. QR & Barcode Scanner (Developed by AppSource Hub)

  5. Qibla Compass – Ramadan 2022

  6. Simple weather and clock widget (Developed by Difer)

  7. Handcent Next SMS- Text with MMS. 7. Handcent Next SMS- Text With MMS

  8. Smart Kit 360

  9. The Complete Holy Quran MP3-50 languages ​​and audio translation

  10. Audiosdroid Audio Studio DAW

Android users should note that in addition to uninstalling these above-mentioned apps from your device, you must clear all data related to the apps from your smartphone.

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