3D printed Xbox console allows users to play games with one hand

Akaki Kuumeri holds an Xbox Series X console stocked, equipped with the latest 3D printing. (Images provided by Akaki Kumiri)

The YouTube creator has released a blueprint for a 3D-printed Xbox Series X gamepad, which makes it possible to play video games with just one hand.

The mod, by Japanese hobbyist Akaki Kuumeri, consists of several additional parts that allow the user to access most of the different panel buttons from the left side of the unit.

The right joystick can be handled by placing the pad on a surface, such as a table or the user’s leg, and rocking the controller back and forth. This allows a user with only one hand to play fast-paced action games like infinite aura And Elden ring.

Kuumeri released layout diagrams via printables.com, and estimates that it will take about a day and a few plastic dollars to assemble with a compatible 3D printer.

By day, Kuumeri is in the security field and has been fixing several 3D-printed control projects for a few years, as listed on his YouTube channel. His previous designs include homemade races, arcade, and flight mods, which can provide your PlayStation or Xbox gamepad with additional controls that simulate more specialized equipment.

“I made a few different joysticks for flight simulators,” Kuumeri told GeekWire via email. “I had a crazy idea of ​​making a plugin to turn a regular gaming console into something like a flying stick. I have to be honest, it was half a joke, but it turns out it works really well!”

Kuumeri has also been following developments in the accessible gaming space, which is making video games available to the disabled community via specialized control methods.

Inspired by custom one-handed Xbox controllers designed by Ben Heck, Kuumeri entered a design competition held by The Controller Project in late 2021 to create additional 3D-printed mods for accessibility.

Kuumeri won second place in the Controller Project design competition with his DualSense mod, right.

“I got the experience I created for additional controller mods printed and what I know a little bit about accessibility to games, and I made the DualSense one-handed design,” Kuumeri said. This mode, designed for the PlayStation 5 brand console, was one of the three winners of the overall competition. The Xbox version of the mod followed in late March.

Kuumeri is currently in the process of “completing the set”, by making a similar one-handed add-on mod for stock JoyCon controllers for the Nintendo Switch.

“You might say these are one-handed, but I have a little idea of ​​how to hold two of them and control them in one hand,” Komiri said.

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