5 Changes Sony Should Consider If They Release PS5 Pro

Having newer versions of a single console that look different or work better has been done before, in fact, both PS1 And PS2 Some of the first consoles to be updated were in the middle of their lifecycle. However, both console updates were basic cosmetic with both consoles looking more elegant which in turn made them cheaper, allowing players to play great looking games at the time without spending a lot of money. During the eighth generation of consoles that included Xbox One and the PS4 Both console makers put out a slim version of their consoles which was again half the price of the main unit, but both console makers did something different during this generation and it was an older version of their consoles.
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no Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro It has better specifications, albeit at a higher price than its standard version, but the cost came with significantly better specifications such as 4K games and a higher frame rate, which made the consoles very close to its standard version PC his peers. Now during the early years of the ninth generation of consoles, both console makers haven’t released a more powerful version of their consoles, but most gamers can assume they are coming. The PS5 Specifically a really powerful console, so the pro version of this console would be a big difference better and more convenient, here are the things we think PS5 Pro It must be what makes the console better than its counterpart.

5 Higher resolution and frame rate

The PS5 It can actually support 8K, however, there are a lot of limitations, while the console can output 8K on a screen that can do 8K, PS5 It does not give players a completely high accuracy. The console does not natively support 8K which means gamers can play 4K games out of the box no matter what screen they have. However, in future updates, games can go up to 8KB but this could go up to Sony If they want to unleash their full potential. also since PS5 It has 8K, still locked at 60fps while others are higher Computers It can achieve frame rates of 8K or higher, since console games are more accessible to players than PC Games is getting PS5 Pro With 8K frames and higher frames, it can make gaming on console more exciting and competitive.
Even games that already enjoy that 60fps boost at 4K initially, and get another boost on the newer console, those games will look amazing. Additional games are constantly cross-play which means players can play with their friends regardless of which console they initially used, which can ruin the gameplay for players on consoles ever since. PC Players play at a higher frame rate which gives them an advantage over console players. Even if the beaver PS5 It will equalize players on console, which could make those online matches more competitive and fun.

Today’s video games

4 More SSD space

The PS5 It already has a built-in SSD space that is much different from PS4 Which means that the built-in memory was just over 800 GB, and the space is there with the intention of expanding the memory of the console which is PS5 Allow. However, as games grow in size and larger players begin to notice that current games can be over 100GB, with open world games specifically, as well as gaining access to more than 100GB of space. PS5 Patch for many games that increase in size, gamers SSD drives will start filling up faster forcing them to delete some great games to free up space more often.
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However, if a newer console has a much larger SSD, gamers won’t need to worry about filling it up and will just need to delete it every now and then, this memory expansion will work a lot for the digital-only version since gamers need more space For game storage, so having more memory overall is great. If players do not want to open a file PS5, They can make use of the higher storage space a lot.

3 console upgrade

The Dualsense 5 is perhaps one of the most innovative consoles to date, something Sony Each iteration of their controllers was made using PS4 Dualsense has built-in speakers and a light bar that some games use. Based on those extras such as the presence of Bluetooth technology, Sony He has touch triggers on Duelsense 5 which many games like Astro game room Use, It is a great way for gamers to immerse themselves better in the games they are playing as it makes them more realistic.
This can allow players to get a better feel for the game they are playing because the players and the console itself give them a better sense of what the game conveys. While the Dualsense 5 has a lot of great features that make playing more fun, it does come at a cost and that has to do with battery life. Much like the Dualsense 4, the Dualsense 5 has a rather short battery life that players choose to plug in all the time or spend a lot of money to get a replacement. However, if Sony Uses Xbox The concept in offering rechargeable batteries that players can buy and put in the console will not only give them a reason to keep the console but also spend much less money.

2 Adding storage is easier

This component is fairly easy but the difficulty depends on how proficient the player is with the technology but having more space after players get the console is always a good idea because players can keep some great games on PS5 permanently. Like PS4, The PS5 It needs players to open the console and the slot where the SSD drive is, this seems to be something that can be done easily, however, if the players are not careful, they may break the socket.
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Moreover, some players may not want to open a file PS5, Because they may feel that it will take some time and some players may not feel comfortable doing so. almost PS5 Pro version if Sony It offers players an easier way to do something like a port that doesn’t need players to unlock the console, then players can confidently add more storage to play some games.

1 slimmer design

Follow the tradition of the elderly play stationsAnd Sony There should be a much smaller redesign while a file PS5 Because now it’s a bit heavy and hard to fit into spaces. If players want to get PS5 When visiting a friend’s house to play some cool co-op games on the couch, it can be stressful and won’t fit in a backpack. Whereas having a more powerful console would make it a bit bigger like PS4 Pro, More powerful PS5 The Pro could drop a ton in weight and possibly make the front somewhat thinner allowing the console to be moved around with ease.
Like PS4, The PS5 He has insignificant noise issues, however. PS4 I got rid of that and PS4 Pro Some noise issues depending on the games to be played. Console redesign will allow to eliminate this issue due to some games in PS5 Which is more demanding than others and will make the system sound a lot louder than it’s supposed to be, so the good thing about the redesign is that players can move the console more and farther away better and the noise and dust issues will probably go away.
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