5G Android smartphone sales: Samsung is the undisputed leader

5G devices make up the bulk of iPhone sales thanks to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 families. But on the Android side, there is plenty of room for 5G sales growth, and a new report details the current state of the market.

Samsung is the leader in 5G in the Android world

Counterpoint Research Reports indicate that Samsung led the Android 5G smartphone market in February of 2022, accounting for nearly a quarter of Android 5G smartphone sales worldwide. While Samsung’s cheapest smartphones are the best sellers, when it comes to 5G, the South Korean brand’s success can be attributed equally to its affordable and flagship devices.

The most popular 5G smartphone from Samsung was the Galaxy A52s 5G, which in terms of price slots is below the Galaxy S series. This model also happens to be the most popular 5G Android on the planet. Counterpoint notes that it has done particularly well in Western Europe. Moreover, it has been one of the top 10 selling 5G smartphones for the past six months in a row, which means that it was an instant hit after its September launch.

The second most popular 5G Android smartphone in February 2022 was Galaxy S22 Ultra, it accounts for just under 3% of global shipments. This is particularly impressive because the device did not start shipping until the last week of February. Demand trends show that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra had a strong start over the Galaxy S21 series, thanks to a positive reception in both the US and Samsung’s home market in South Korea.

However, it wasn’t all about the Galaxy S22 flagship line. Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE, launched in January, came in third with a similar market share thanks to demand in Germany and the US, where sales were driven by incentives from carriers such as Verizon and AT&T.

Two other devices worth mentioning are the Galaxy A32 5G and Galaxy A22 5G, which were the fourth and tenth most popular 5G Android phones overall and occupy key positions in Samsung’s budget list. Unsurprisingly, its low prices are understood to have been its main selling points. Both devices performed exceptionally well in the UK, with the Galaxy A32 5G also proving popular in the US while the Galaxy A22 5G drew a likable crowd in India.

From now on, the Galaxy A32 5G should drop from the bestseller list as the latest Galaxy A33 5G grabs the demand. However, the Galaxy A22 variant should continue to sell well because Samsung has yet to launch a 5G version of the Galaxy A23.

Oppo, Honor, Xiaomi and Vivo are the other brands leading the 5G race

Other than Samsung, Oppo has found success with the Reno 7 5G – a mid-range smartphone that has also become the best-selling Android smartphone in China, regardless of connectivity. Huawei’s former subsidiary Honor is another company working on the 5G wave, thanks to the Chinese market as well. Honor 60 was the sixth best-selling 5G Android phone, while Honor X30 took the ninth place.

Among the top ten were Vivo S12 and Xiaomi Redmi K40, and both exist as low-end devices. While Samsung appears to be focusing its 5G efforts on the European and North American smartphone markets, Oppo and others appear to be following a China-first strategy, with other markets such as the Middle East and Europe.

Overall, Android smartphones accounted for 67% of global 5G sales in February 2022, with the remaining 33% belonging to Apple’s iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models.

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