7 undisclosed products we’d love to find at the bar

Over the weekend, our friends at Android Central surprised the wearable industry by posting a series of images of the popular Pixel Watch, which has long been out in the wild. Of course, we’ve seen a show and heard rumors about this watch, but seeing it in the flesh (so to speak) is another matter entirely. According to the news story, the item was found in a restaurant, and if you’ve been paying attention to the tech space for a while, it might conjure up memories of Gizmodo finding an iPhone 4 that hadn’t been released in a bar in years.

One of the main benefits of finding devices in the wild is that they are proof that the thing we all want and have heard so much about actually exists. The Pixel Watch is something Google is already working on. Not only that, but the physical hardware also indicates that a release may be imminent. So far, the Pixel Watch has only been around in rumors and demos (which are really just rumors as well as CAD software). Now we know it’s a thing.

So it got us thinking, what other undeclared products do we love to find in a bar somewhere? Here are some ideas we came up with.

Apple AR / VR Headset

We’ll start with an item that’s been a part of the rumor mill for as long or even longer than the Pixel Watch. Apple has focused a lot on AR for the past several years. It has embedded lidar into the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro, and has integrated it into the iPads as well. Speaking of the iPad, this is currently the best gateway to Apple’s world of augmented reality, but it’s not the best app, is it now?

Yes, the iPad Pro’s wide screen can help you visualize augmented reality in the real world, but the headset is always on and always there, just waiting for you in the world. But so far the devices haven’t been seen anywhere in any way, so at best they’re still popular – and a patent or two. Seeing the hardware will help us believe that we’ll finally get the hardware that Apple isn’t ready to give us.

Nintendo Switch Pro

shutterstock / by Wachiwit

The Nintendo Switch is one of our favorite gaming consoles today. It’s flexible and portable, and it can still push some pretty solid games. The Switch is also home to one of the best games everH , The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Otto Kratky recently wrote to Digital Trends about issues an update to the game might encounter. Specifically, will the Nintendo Switch be able to handle a game like The Legend of Zelda 2. Accordion to Kratky, the next version of the game should be bigger in every respect, and the old Switch will struggle to keep up.

Enter the Switch Pro, or the theoretical Switch Pro, that is. Of course, the device is not there. Rumors of the impending reveal have been around for years. The closest we got was a Switch OLED last year, which is great, but we’re not there yet. Finding a supercharged Nintendo Switch will get people excited again and confirm that just because Nintendo game consoles are portable, doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful.

TCL foldable phone

Hey TCL, you’ve been showing such promise. TCL kicked off 2021 with great fanfare, promising not only to release a foldable phone before the end of the year, but also pitching the idea of ​​a 17-inch foldable screen concept. Since then, we’ve seen more tame concepts like the Chicago Fold and my personal favorite, the Foldable. These are cute, but we already know they exist. The rollable concept from CES 2021 is another matter entirely. This rolling was honestly more science fiction than concept. TCL is said to have dozens of foldable and rollable prototypes out there, and this is one I’d like to see.

Sure, it almost certainly won’t work. But even a prototype of an impractical concept can go a long way to showing how it might work. That alone is worth the price of admission, and I’ll be more than that into trying to figure out the architecture behind it, and the potential use cases for it.


When I asked Phil Nickinson, Digital Trends A/V editor, for what he’d like to find in a bar or restaurant, he simply replied with “servers.” I admit I was amazed, not really expecting such an enterprise-focused solution. But it really makes sense when you think about it. Servers are the backbone of the communications industry, which is very important in today’s mixed business environment. So finding some new and upcoming hardware to power this back end could be a huge wake-up call for the industry as a whole.

After a second thought, it’s also entirely possible that I interrupted an elephant while he was eating lunch, so maybe it’s best to move on.

M2 MacBook Air

Green MacBook Air M2 2022 presentation concept.
AppleyPro / Twitter

We have another entry for Apple on the list, and why not? Apple practically invented the idea of ​​leaving devices in the bar. This product though is not common. We know it’s coming. We’re not sure what it will be like when he gets here. The M2-powered Macbook Air will have a radically different design and massive amounts of power. Of course, the Macbook Air is ridiculously thin and light, but Apple is looking to up its game once again with a slightly larger screen, reintroducing MagSafe, and similar color options to the 24-inch iMac. Macbook Air can also see a notch in the screen and a square design in the chassis.

But of course the star of the show will be the M2 processor. Apple has already upped its processor game with the M1 Pro, M1 Max, and M1 Ultra, but we haven’t seen the M2 yet, and you can bet the folks in our computing department are eager to put something this powerful through its paces. The M1 is really fast (with native applications, of course), so seeing how much power is possible is exciting. Seeing it before anyone else is just the icing on the cake.

Sonos سماعات headphones

Sonos is synonymous with sound, but the company has yet to introduce a line of wireless headphones, and what’s new about that? Well, it turns out that Sonos might be looking to turn the buffet table into the world of wireless audio by introducing Wi-Fi for wireless headphones. Wi-Fi allows a much better audio signal to reach your ears than Bluetooth technology can currently provide. But it is fraught with challenges. To start, the batteries should be larger and the cables thicker.

Finding a set of Sonos headphones would be great because we’ll be taking a peek at how Sonos solves those specific issues. Plus, this will be final proof that Sonos is actually working on this product, not just filing patent applications. Its design is one thing. It’s another thing. If Sonos is putting together this technology, we desperately want to get our hands (and heads) on it.

Tesla Bot

Just imagine you’re sitting on TGI Friday, hiding in a basket of endless mozzarella sticks and thinking about other poor life choices you’ve made, as you look over and see a robot sitting at the next table. It can really happen to anyone. The engineer just got up from the table, checked his wallet, keys, and phone, then walked over to the car and said “Oops! I forgot my robot!”

As one does.

Well, now you have the opportunity to grab that thing and toss it in the back of your PT Cruiser and wheel home to fill out our tip form. Think about it, of all the robots out there in all the restaurants around the world, this one ended up in yours!

As much as we like to think these things can happen, they probably won’t. But that’s what we all came up with on the Pixel Watch, too. You just never know. So, next time you’re out for a nice dinner with the family, or tuck into the bar at your favorite watering hole, keep your eyes peeled. You never know what might be sitting at the next table.

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