“Alienware and Dell’s G series can survive the competition in India’s PC gaming market”

For many users, Alienware represents the pinnacle of the high-end PC gaming market. And while Dell’s premium PC brand continues to face challenges from competitors, the company says its continued focus on catering to the small “enthusiast” segment has helped it find a niche despite increased competition.

“If you are passionate and have the ambition to join the Pro League, then start Alienware where you have greater control and potential for product customization,” Anand Subramania, Director of Product Marketing, Consumer and Small Business, Dell Technologies, India, said. Indianexpress.com Ahead of the launch of Alienware’s new 15-inch and 17-inch X-series gaming laptops in the country.
The Alienware x15 and x17 models use the latest Intel mobile processors as well as the latest Nvidia graphics chips. They have new cooling technologies and are surprisingly thin for “professional” level laptops. In fact, the 15-inch model is 0.625 inches thick, and the 17-inch is 0.822 inches. Subramanya points out that the “design language” of the new X Series laptops is based on what Alienware calls the Legend 2.0 designs, the successor to the Legend 1.0 from 2019. New 15 and x17 laptops are available in the market, starting at Rs 240,990. and Rs 2,90,990, respectively.

Dell is also updating its G series of gaming laptops, which now allows users to choose between Intel 11th Gen and AMD Ryzen 5000 processors. Subramanya is clear on who the target consumers of Alienware are and in this way illustrates the differentiation between the premium gaming laptop brand Dell’s G Series that has been primarily designed to meet the needs of the budget gaming category.

“Last year as the entire growth came from a very small base, even the enthusiast segments grew several fold, but there was more growth in the prime space where it almost doubled on a larger base,” he explains.

Subramanya believes that both the Alienware brand and Dell’s G series can survive the PC gaming market in India. “We’re looking at two different sets of customers,” he said, adding that the G series is for those graduating from the mobile platform to the PC platform, while Alienware laptops feature customization and design. The Dell G15 starts with Intel processors at Rs 89,990 and the G15 with AMD options starts at Rs 78,990. Both G-series mobile devices will be on the market from mid-September.

The launch of the new Alienware X series and Dell G series shows the potential of the PC gaming market, even though the industry is grappling with a shortage of semiconductors. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the main reasons behind the spread of computers, especially gaming laptops. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Gaming Tracker, shipments of gaming PCs and monitors grew 26.8 percent year-over-year in 2020 to 55 million units.

Subramanya says that as the gaming market changes, Dell is also thinking about how to make laptops that reflect the new era. In the case of the Alienware X series, he said engineers should devise a new cooling system to make the thinnest Alienware laptops ever without tampering with performance. “The boundaries are blurred as the same hardware is used to work during the day and play during the evening or otherwise. So the design philosophy has changed too,” he said when asked what brands are doing to make gaming laptops look more like mainstream laptops in bringing in new users into the computer gaming ecosystem.

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