Alienware’s redesigned Aurora gaming PC celebrates 25 years of gaming

Looks like it was only yesterday Alienware is 20 years old mark in computer games commercial, but has now moved to a full quarter of a century. To celebrate the lucrative time, the Dell-owned gaming brand has launched an updated version of the only remaining Alienware desktop, the Alienware Aurora (if you’re counting, it’s probably the R13). The new model retains the same blobby design aesthetic—commonly referred to as “organic”—while still managing a nearly complete overhaul inside and out. It’s gotten more massive and bigger, but with more efficient cooling and a smarter design.

We don’t know anything about configurations, pricing or availability; Dell says this is due to come “later this fall”. Perhaps PR is talking about ‘after Intel releases a file twelfth generation K-series desktop CPUs.” Acer already announced a system that includes the new processors earlier this week, the Predator Orion 7000, so expect to hear about it within the next few weeks. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the Aurora also offers Support for DDR5 and PCIe 5 memory.

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On one level, it’s kind of sad that Alienware is promoting first-time features for the Aurora that have been gaming desktop staples for years, like a transparent (EMI-protected) side panel and eight lighting zones (up from four) — though you think about it Without the transparent side panel, you don’t really need more than four zones.

The company says the interior is 1.5 times larger than previous models — the math makes that 50.7 liters — but Alienware also says it manages the feat “without significantly expanding overall body space.” Alienware should literally mean “footprint,” because while the part that touches your desk might be about the same size, the system itself is generally larger. It is now 23 inches deep, up from 17 (589 vs 432 mm) and a bit taller and taller. Not as big as the old Area 51but it started to get there.

Alienware says it includes a dedicated motherboard, rearranged to prevent cables from getting too far (which is not only messy and annoying when working inside the system, but it’s also bad for airflow); Specifically, the power connectors are as close to the edges as possible, connect the front ports directly to the motherboard rather than the motherboard, and provide accessible cable routing on the other side of the system.

Depending on the configuration, the system will come with up to four fans, and the new airflow path runs from front to rear instead of its predecessor intakes at both the front and rear and outflow through the aft. There are wider apertures in the back, particularly in the upper rear, to make up for its loss on the side panel. You can also choose a ventilated magnetic back cover for situations where you don’t want people to see the mess of tangled cables.

Alienware claims that all the changes make the system run much more efficiently than its predecessor – meaning it’s a bit quieter and faster – given the same components.

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