An iPhone for Modest Needs (Upgrading from a “Clumsy” Phone)

Who is your current carrier? What is your current plan? What is your budget for a phone plan? When moving from a foldable phone to a smartphone, you’ll almost certainly have to change to a different – and more expensive – plan.

I don’t use my phone much and currently use it for prepaid. I hope to keep doing that.
Anyway, touches on this question I forgot to ask: compared to my current “dumb” foldable phone, will there be additional costs with the iPhone due to IOS doing things in the background? I know I can turn off location services, push services, background refresh of news apps etc., but let’s say Just Phone usage for calls and SMS, will usage costs be the same as a foldable phone? In theory, it should, but I thought I’d ask anyway.Regarding the latest IOS -I wouldn’t really take advantage of the newer features anyway, as long as I can make calls and send/receive texts I’m happy with whatever version it can take. Unless Apple changes its policies, I probably won’t upgrade it to a newer version of IOS anyway if I don’t want to risk “downgrading” its performance due to “speed penalties” so as to encourage you to buy a newer phone.
In fact I’m still using an old iPad with IOS 9 (I didn’t know about the speed fines at the time, but I upgraded to the latest version possible). The iPad is still great for what I use it for.
I also have a newer iPad that I use for more recent apps that don’t work with older IOS versions, and I also have an Apple Pencil which is great for taking notes or drawing. It currently has IOS 14.8 and I haven’t upgraded it after that for fear of lowering performance when I don’t really need any new features either.

I was going to originally say get the SE 2022 because you’re coming from “dull phones” (ironically, those guys made pretty clever at the time) but honestly… since you’re basically going to have to learn a whole new language – I’ll be looking for an iPhone 12 Basically at a good price and starting there. You’ll learn gestures and get a full screen experience (not to mention more real estate so you can improve your font!) and you won’t have to learn gestures later if Apple gets rid of Touch ID.

A used iPhone 12 will be great for you IMHO.

iPhone 12 costs more than I’m willing to pay for this “upgrade”.
My “dumb” phone (Nokia 2720 flip) still works fine, but it’s frustrating to write text messages that aren’t generally user friendly.
I’m already pretty familiar with IOS through the iPad and iPod Touch (which was very easy to use but crashed a few years ago), so I see what you’re saying about screen size, but I’m not too concerned about it since IOS allows text resizing (and zooming Although I’ve never really liked how this feature works but that might just be some of the things you need to get used to for a while first).
For my use, I don’t understand why I should invest so much in something that I hardly profit from.

This will be the first acceptable iPhone. You’ll get it cheap and if you find it’s too slow for your liking, you can sell it again without a loss – and get a newer/faster model.

Wonderful! So there are no huge bugs or design errors in this bug then?
I read in a review that the smaller screen size makes the battery last longer than other iPhones (they all come with larger screens as far as I know).

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