Apple fans are turning to Universal Control on iPad and Mac

Last summer, the internet was full of excitement due to various Apple WWDC announcements, which included a great crossover feature for iPadOS and macOS. Universal Control ended up having its sweet time getting there, but the tech finally landed — and Apple users are turning to it.

The feature, which creates a bridge between Macs and iPads, is now available in the first public beta of macOS Monterey 12.3, and it’s already mind-blowing. The tool allows users to control multiple devices with a single keyboard and mouse, and users are already describing the experience as “magical”. (Want to buy a new tablet on the market? Check out the best graphic tablet deals.)

Fans have been looking forward to Universal Control (Image credit: Apple)

With Universal Control, users can move the cursor to the edge of the Mac screen, and it will magically appear on the iPad – providing new levels of multitasking opportunities. For designs looking for the maximum amount of screen space, Universal Control can be a game-changer – essentially turning their devices into multiple monitors.

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