Apple is rumored to introduce a number of new iPads this year — all we can expect

Image source: WEBSITE: APPLE Apple is rumored to introduce a number of new iPads this year — all we can expect

It was reported earlier that Apple was dominating the tablet space worldwide, with its iPads. In fact, the huge price range of the brand makes it possible to target different segments of users. It is also known that no tablet manufacturers can compete with the functionality and experience offered by the iPad.

We look forward to summarizing all the recent rumors swirling around the different levels of the iPad, and seeing if it’s worth the upgrade.


Last year, in the month of September (2021), Apple launched the ninth generation of the classic iPad. This year, Apple is expected to release the same iPad but with some basic upgrade – such as WiFi 6 support, support for the A14 chipset and the latest Bluetooth 5 support.

Another rumor is that the new iPad that will be launched in 2023 will have a completely new design.
Therefore, we suggest if you are looking for an iPad with a new look, skipping the idea of ​​buying would be a better offer.

ipad mini

The sixth generation of iPad mini was launched last year (2021) in September. Although the previous generation iPad mini had a disappointing display, which was said to be unable to keep up with user demand.
Speaking of the seventh generation iPad Mini, rumors state that the tablet will come with a 120Hz ProMotion display if the iPad Mini launches in 2022.
Thus, if someone is looking forward to the latest iPad Mini this year, they may wait another quarter and wait until September to get the seventh generation iPad Mini.

iPad Air

This year, Apple updated the iPad Air variant with the M1 chip. Not in that, but the company has also added a better 12MP main camera to the tablet. It is rumored that the new generation of iPad Air is likely to get Apple’s ProMotion display.
But it’s not entirely certain that Apple may update the iPad Air this year, with the last update taking place in March 2022.
So if you are looking to buy a tablet with a round design, we would suggest you either wait a year or two at least.

iPad Pro

The current iPad Pro was launched last year in April, and it has been rumored that the new iPad Pro may come with an M1 chipset with an all-new M2 processor. It is also rumored that the new iPad Pro will support more MagSafe charging along with reverse wireless charging for other Apple devices.

There are more rumors when we talk about the iPad Pro, which states that the new tablet may come with a 12.9-inch screen with an OLED panel. Apple is also expected to discontinue the 11-inch iPad Pro version from the market.

So, if budget isn’t a limitation, or you’re not in a hurry to get the iPad Pro, waiting for the latest version would be a good idea to get the latest one.

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