Apple reportedly shipped 1 million ‘Made in India’ iPhones for the first quarter of 2021, according to CyberMedia research.

Apple ships 1 million iPhones made in India
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According to one report, Apple shipped more than one million “Made in India” iPhones in the first quarter of 2022. The latest milestone comes just a few weeks after the Cupertino company revealed it had started manufacturing iPhone 13 models in the country.

CyberMedia Research says Apple has shipped 1 million iPhones made in India by Q1 2021

With this move, Apple expanded domestic production of iPhone models through its contractors, including Foxconn and Wistron.

Local manufacturers helped the company reduce its tax burden and allow its manufacturing partners to use government-supplied subsidiaries to produce future iPhone models in the country.

“In the first quarter of 2022, the share of Apple iPhones ‘made in India’ within the total iPhone portfolio increased by 50% year-on-year,” said Prabhu Ram, Head of Industry Intelligence Group at market research firm CyberMedia Research.

Apple began producing iPhone models in India in 2017, with the first generation iPhone SE being locally manufactured at Wistron’s Bengaluru facility.

However, in recent years, the iPhone maker has gradually increased its domestic production process – and has begun making models such as the iPhone 11, iPhone SE (2020), and iPhone 12. It also revealed earlier this month that iPhone 13 models will be manufactured in the US. United.

“With the iPhone 13 being manufactured in India, we expect the next generation iPhone models to help Apple’s growth in the future,” Ram added.

It is important to highlight that locally manufactured iPhone models are not only sold in the country, but are also included in what Apple sells in global markets. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an increase in ‘Made in India’ iPhone units.

Apple’s production in India is expected to grow 196 percent year-on-year in 2021, according to the analysis firm Counterpoint. According to Prachir Singh, Senior Analyst at Counterpoint, the development of domestic manufacturing caters to both domestic consumption and exports.

The advent of home-made models has also helped Apple reduce shipments of imported iPhones, which are subject to high tariffs and taxes.

In 2019, more than 64 percent of iPhone shipments were imported in India, a number that is expected to drop to 23 percent by 2021. According to Counterpoint estimates, up to 77 percent of iPhone models shipped in the market will be manufactured In 2021 in the nation.

According to Navkendar Singh, Director of Research at IDC India, as Apple did well in the country in the second half of 2021 on the back of n-1/2 generation models, which were iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 Rs. The 54,900 locally assembled models made up a significant portion of Apple’s volumes and growth that year.

According to the latest CyberMedia research stats, the iPhone 12 was the top performing model in the iPhone lineup in India in the first quarter, with a market share of 52%.

It was followed by the iPhone 13 with 20% and the iPhone 11 with 18%. On the other hand, iPhone SE (2020) and iPhone 13 Pro accounted for 4% and 2% of the market respectively.

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