Best deals on laptops and desktops

Laptops, like most of our electronic devices, come in an endless variety of models, sizes, and features. But sometimes, we crave a new one to keep up with the latest speed and tools included.

Fortunately, HP is hosting an amazing spring sale to not only prepare you for the warm and breezy temperatures but to offer a selection of their best laptops and desktops for a fraction of the cost.

Whether you’re a podcast host and need a modern style to pair with the best USB mics or nine to five and want to stash one in your backpack, HP definitely has a little bit of its sleeve up for you to the store.

With promo code Rabie Saleh or Springsale HP 5Depending on the model, you’ll get up to $400 off select PCs to give your smart home devices a cool update.

Ahead, find the top models we recommend at HP’s Spring Sale. You certainly won’t be disappointed with these easy-to-pack choices.


With the latest AMD processor and advanced graphics, there is no other desktop computer than HP’s Omen. Not only will it elevate your gaming experience tenfold, but it has a built-in cooling system to prevent overheating, ensuring its quick and worry-free use.

2. HP Pavilion PC, $855, Original price: $1,050

HP Pavilion Computer

If you’re into computers, HP’s Pavilion is an amazing, slim and elegant option that features a beautiful interface. It’s also on our wish list, particularly for its flicker-free, anti-glare screen (with a low-light sensor to help protect your eyes, like blue-light glasses).

HP All-in-One Computer

For a simple computer that’s now under $800, the HP All-in-One PC is a handy option for your standing desk (while sitting in one of our favorite office chairs). It also has a Full HD screen and dual speakers to provide a cinematic experience at home.

HP Chromebase All-in-One Desktop

right Now, This is amazing The high-tech model. Not only is HP’s Chromebase the desktop you’d have imagined having Google Headquarters in its offices but a slender click-button keyboard and modern mouse complete the look. For under $700, it’s a quick, well-photographed grab.

5. HP Envy Laptop, $836, Original price: $1,050

HP Envy laptop

There’s a reason why HP’s Envy laptop has a following: It’s incredibly fast, holds a long charge, and stores enough memory to make you more productive than ever. Right now, it’s under $1000, so get it ASAP before HP’s Spring Sale goes off.

HP Pavilion Laptop

HP’s Pavilion laptop is virtually identical in appearance to its Envy counterpart, delivering a slim screen and vivid picture quality for efficient use. The screen with fine edges is one of its features, along with a larger screen-to-body ratio for better performance.

HP Specter Convertible Laptop

If you’re into tablets, you’ll adore the HP Specter convertible laptop. As its name suggests, the model has touchscreen capabilities and turns into a lightweight tablet with a rechargeable stylus. For this reason, it is ideal for students and travelers in particular.

8. HP Omen Laptop, $1,035, Original price: $1,500

HP Omen . Laptop

Meet the HP Omen Laptop, a charming gaming laptop with a colorful keyboard, stunning screen, and near-lasting battery life. Not to mention, it has all the ports for external hard drives and devices you’ll ever need.

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