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iPads have a variety of uses from a laptop replacement to an entertainment station. Apple’s revolutionary line of tablets has transformed the device industry and their ongoing innovations push tablet size and portability to new levels that combine computing power with elegant design.

One of the many uses of the iPad is note taking. Through the App Store, iPad users can download a variety of apps that can help them spend minutes in a meeting, record moments of creative inspiration or lecture notes and plan their next grocery trip.

Among the many iterations of the iPad, our pick for the best iPad for taking notes is the 8th generation iPad due to its size and unique features. These make a difference when it comes to ease of use and functionality.

With all the different options available, it’s important to know which iPad is best suited to your needs as each iteration of an Apple product is increasingly moving toward different uses.

There are two types of note-taking to consider before purchasing a note-taking device. The first method is the traditional method, using a pen or pencil. Most versions of the iPad have a great companion stylus, called the Apple Pencil, which allows users to quickly take notes while using the Notes app or app that is installed on the device. The second form of note-taking requires a keyboard. While Apple has its own Pencil, its keyboards usually come from a variety of manufacturers, allowing users to get one that meets their specific needs and budget.

An important thing to consider when you have an iPad for taking notes is which app to use. The App Store is full of great options, each with a unique interface and toolset. Whether it’s a small feature that distinguishes an app or a work area that makes taking notes a lot easier, every app available on the App Store can help you write and organize your notes so that you can have all the information whenever you want. need it. Think about the storage capabilities that come with your app, too. Some enable iCloud storage or backup while others are eating up storage space on your device.

A good note-taking device should be portable. For this device to be a good replacement for a small laptop and stylus, you don’t want it to be too heavy or bulky. So the larger iPad models may not make sense here. Size plays an important role when carrying the laptop for long periods, or balancing it on your lap. A good note-taker will be large enough to see as much information on the screen as possible without causing wrist strain or shattering screens.

A good note-taking device needs good battery life. Without a reliable battery, you may lose the ability to take notes on the job site or on a long international flight. Battery life is also an important consideration for a student or meeting goer who wants to lighten the load by not carrying their charger everywhere they go. Newer iPad models have larger batteries.

To take full control of the iPad, Apple created the Apple Pencil, a product that has been updated with every iteration of the iPad. While the tablet works great without it, when it comes to note-taking, the Apple Pencil elevates the iPad experience and is compatible with just about every note-taking app.

One of the biggest reasons for the iPad’s increasing popularity has been the constant improvements that have been made to its operating system. Its iOS features are superior to any other operating system in tablets and have inspired the creation of many applications that are often big selling points for Apple products. This means more powerful note-taking apps for increased productivity.

On average, an Apple iPad costs between $400-$700 with the price varying based on size and model. The first generation Apple Pencil costs $99 while the new generation costs more than $100.

a. Apple Pencil is compatible with every iPad currently sold.

a. No, the Apple Pencil is sold separately and costs about $99.

a. There are many apps available on the App Store specifically for taking notes. Some of these features include QuickNotes X, Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, and Notability.

The best iPad: iPad Air (4th generation)

we took: Lighter and more powerful than previous generations, the iPad Air is currently the best portable device on the market.

what we likeThe iPad Air 4 comes fully equipped with all the features of the previous generation iPad as well as the features of the eighth generation iPad. This includes the new feature, Scribble, which allows the iPad to automatically convert handwritten text into typed text. This model is compatible with both the new Apple Pencil and Apple Keyboard.

What we don’t like: price. The 64GB model is over $500 and for expandable storage, the price goes up significantly. When taking notes for multiple categories or projects, storage space is essential, and having to spend a lot of money on additional storage is unrealistic for many buyers.

The best bang for your iPad back: The eighth generation of iPad

we tookThis is the most innovative iPad in terms of note-taking by introducing new apps and a new feature, Scribble.

what we likeIntroduced the eighth generation iPad Scribble that allowed users to manually type in any text field using the Apple Pencil. This feature also allowed the device to convert handwritten texts into typed texts. The global search feature has also helped to find note-takers as they sit through lectures or meetings.

What we don’t likeThe 8th generation iPad requires users to purchase the new Apple Pencil as it is not compatible with the older 2nd generation Pencil. There is also limited storage space which makes it difficult to keep a lot of notes on the iPad itself.

honorary: iPad Mini 5

we tookThe iPad Mini is the ultimate portable tablet that packs a powerful processor along with the same features as the larger iPads. Released in 2019, the Mini was compatible with the Apple Pencil and is a great choice for college students.

what we likeThe Mini 5 is the only new generation iPad compatible with any Bluetooth keyboard, and it doesn’t require users to purchase expensive smart keyboards or Apple’s keyboard. Moreover, its size and low price make it ideal for students and workers who need to carry the device on the go for extended periods of time.

What we don’t likeThe biggest drawback of the iPad Mini 5 is the fact that the new Apple Pencil 2 is not compatible with the device. Furthermore, the Mini 5 also does not have a USB-C charging port, which makes it slower to charge.

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