Best iPad Mini Case for 2022

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Update, 2/16/2022: We’ve reviewed our recommendations and are confident that these are still the best iPad Mini cases you can buy.

What to look for in an iPad Mini case in 2022

The first significant update to the iPad Mini appeared sometime with the release of the sixth generation iPad Mini. The new Mini includes design elements such as the 8.9-inch display, top button configuration, and compatibility with the second generation Apple Pencil. In addition, the screen looks amazing.

Although the newer models of Apple products are more durable than their predecessors, it is still a good idea to get a cover for the iPad Mini.

The cases help prevent scars and scratches so you can keep your tech looking great and can even provide you with a curved frame if you drop your iPad Mini. Why not save yourself the horror of dropping your shiny new iPad Mini on solid concrete with a case?

A good case will also allow you to get more out of your iPad. It can hold your Apple Pencil, support the screen for viewing videos, and keep the screen clean between uses.

Which case you get in the end will depend on you and your needs, but here are some options we’ve found for the 6th generation iPad Mini to get you started.

Noticeable: The new iPad Mini design means that cases on older models will not work with the 6th generation model. We’ve confirmed that all of the selections below are for the 6th generation iPad Mini.

iPad mini in ESR Ascend on the table

  • TPU protection for sides, back and corners
  • Flap Pen to hold the Apple Pencil
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • good price point

  • Do not protect the screen during use

The ESR Ascend Trifold Case has a very similar style to the Apple Smart Folio for about half the price. It’s specifically designed for the new iPad Mini 6 and combines the look of an Apple stock case, protection, and functionality.

This case supports Apple Pencil charging and has a magnetic flap that clips onto the pen while attached to the side of the iPad Mini. The back of the case has also been reinforced to help prevent damage from drops and scratches.

The panels come with a sleep/wake function, which is a very easy-to-use function. Button holes are placed around the edges, so you’ll still be able to access everything with the case in place. There is also a bump in the camera so it won’t scratch the lens.

The Trifold Ascend bag also converts into a stand. You can arrange it in two configurations, one ideal for watching videos and the other a slightly elevated 30-degree configuration for writing with the Apple Pencil.

With a powerful feature set, built-in protection, and a look similar to Apple’s Smart Folio at about half the price, make this an excellent all-in-one case choice for the iPad Mini 6.

Best mini case for iPad overall

ESR Ascend Trifold Case

ESR case for iPad Mini 6 with protected corners and back, plus flap to keep track of your Apple Pencil or stylus.

Best Budget iPad Mini Case: MoKo Case

Rose gold moko case on a pink background

  • Really low price point
  • Microfiber lining to avoid scratches
  • Solid protective back

  • There is no pen strap
  • May not be as well made as more expensive alternatives

If buying an iPad Mini doesn’t leave you much wiggle room in your budget, the MoKo Case has you covered. Coming in at just under $10, it also mimics the triangular look of Apple’s Smart Folio.

MoKo claims the stiff back will help prevent drop damage, and the microfiber lining will help keep the iPad Mini’s screen clean when it’s folded away. Colors – including rose gold, slate gray, and others – are semi-transparent and allow you to match the iPad Mini 6, allowing the device’s beautiful colors to show through the back.

There is no magnetic strap to hold the Apple Pencil 2 in this case, it only has a slot that allows it to magnetically attach to the side of your Mini. Other openings allow Touch ID to function normally with the case on, and auto sleep/wake is supported.

For a budget option, the MoKo Case offers a lot. At $10, it’s a low-risk option to try.

Best mini case for iPad 6

MoKo . status

The iPad Mini 6 is a budget case from MoKo with a microfiber lining and a hard plastic back.

iPad in Torro

  • high-end materials
  • elastic closure strap
  • Anti-slip pouch
  • Microfiber lining

  • There is no pen strap
  • The price may be too high for some

If you still have the budget to get fancy after buying an iPad Mini, the Torro Leather Smart Cover is worth considering. UK leather goods manufacturer Torro has been in the luxury bag game since 2013 and designed this bag specifically for the iPad Mini 6.

The Torro case is a book-style leather case, so you can cover your iPad when it’s closed. An elastic band keeps the case closed when not in use, and the Torro website says they use minimally treated leather from the best tanneries in the US to give it a high-quality feel. The skin around the TPU frame is stretched which helps protect the iPad from drops.

The inner cover has a microfiber lining that is soft on the iPad screen. A groove on the side allows the Apple Pencil to attach and charge, and slots around the edge of the case give you clear access to the buttons.

Finally, the stand can be arranged in two forms for viewing and typing, with the microfiber interior serving as a non-slip liner for added support.

The best premium iPad mini case

ProCase keyboard skin on a pink background

  • Detachable keyboard can be stored when not in use
  • Hollow protected compartment for Apple Pencil storage

  • There isn’t a lot of data on how well it works yet

Most people will tell you that the iPad Mini is probably not the tablet you want to pair the keyboard with, as the screen is only 8.9 inches. But if you want to make the iPad Mini a small laptop replacement, you should invest in the ProCase iPad Mini 6 keyboard case.

This case gives you a hard TPU cover and a Bluetooth keyboard for typing longer messages on the go. If you don’t need the keyboard, you can detach it and store it away until you do.

One convenient feature of the ProCase is the recessed section inside the TPU back that is designed to hold the Apple Pencil. Instead of a strap or indentation, this case has a recessed area where you can fit the stylus—a plus if you’re worried about it falling out and getting lost.

The look of this bag is similar to the leather Torro bag, with a book-like style and a leather look. The product page notes that it’s made of “composite leather,” which means tight-knit leather, but hey, it still looks high-end.

Overall, the Procase’s keyboard case is a solid option with the iPad Mini 6, which doesn’t usually get a lot of keyboard love.

The best iPad Mini 6 keyboard case

Spigen Rugged Armor on a blue background

  • airbags
  • Hardy TPU Case
  • Cool carbon fiber details

While there are many offers of armored cases for the iPad Mini 6, Spigen’s Rugged Armor Case is an excellent case by a great hardware accessory company.

The matte black finish and carbon fiber details make this bag look tough, yet still have a relatively slim design. Air cushions and a reinforced TPU give your iPad Mini 6 drop protection, so Rugged Armor definitely does its job. There is also space to attach the Apple Pencil 2.

Grippy sections added to Spigen’s iPad Mini case help prevent slipping when placed on a surface, but it doesn’t have a bendable portion that can act as a stand like the tripod cases on this list.

If you’re worried about dropping your iPad or having to use it in a harsh environment, Spigen’s Rugged Armor is one to consider.

Best Durable iPad Mini 6 Case

Spigen Strong Armor Bag

Spigen iPad Mini 6 rugged case with TPU hard frame and additional air cushions for shock resistance.

Best Apple iPad Mini Case with Pencil Holder: ESR Magnetic Case

ESR magnetic bag on a green background

  • pen storage
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy magnetic attachment

  • Not as hardy as the other options

Similar to the ESR Ascend Case, the ESR Magnetic Case attaches to the iPad 6 magnetically and includes a dedicated magnetic strap to hold the Apple Pencil. If you use the stylus fairly often, this is a case to consider.

The tri-fold cover in this case also gives you two viewing angles when watching videos or typing on the iPad screen. The front cover also protects the iPad Mini 6’s screen. At about $20 on Amazon, it’s another cheaper alternative to the official Apple Smart Folio, and early reviews suggest people are happy with it.

One caveat: This case isn’t as durable as other cases for the iPad Mini 6. The magnetic case doesn’t cover the sides when closed, and there isn’t much in the way of TPU protection. If you tend to drop your electronic devices, you’ll want to use another option.

Best iPad Mini 6 Case with Apple Pencil Holder

ESR . Magnetic Bag

The ESR iPad Mini 6 is a lightweight, magnetic case with a flap to keep your Apple Pencil or stylus in place.

Best iPad Mini Case for Kids: ESR Hybrid Case

Hybrid ESR case on a gray background

  • Hard TPU Protection
  • adjustable stand
  • pen clip

  • Do not protect the screen

The Hybrid Case ESR combines the flexibility of a cardboard case with a protective TPU hard back cover to protect the sides and corners of your iPad. This extra ruggedness will come in handy when your iPad is tossed into a backpack or briefcase and carried around all day.

The magnetic folding part can be arranged in a stand, there are mandatory holes for the buttons and the camera protrusion. This case also offers a magnetic closure for the Apple Pencil, so kids won’t lose it if they take it out to draw or sketch too often.

At a similar price to the other ESR cases on this list—about $20—this case can provide kids with extra protection and style without breaking the bank.

Best iPad Mini 6 Case for Kids

ESR . Hybrid Case

ESR iPad Mini 6 folio case with hard TPU frame.

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