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Sony is one of the most popular TV makers, offering dozens of models. The company has a reputation for great image quality and cutting-edge design. Here are their current best offers.

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Specifications for consideration

Screen Size

For most people, it’s best to buy the largest screen you can afford and that fits in your space. 55″ is becoming standard these days and works best for most people because it offers a lot of real estate without being overwhelmingly bulky. If you want to go even bigger, there are plenty of options in the 65-inch range. For a truly cinematic experience, look for TVs in the 75″ and above range. Just be prepared to house them – they practically claim their own room. Smaller 32-inch and 40-inch TVs work well indoors.


Resolution is the number of pixels that make up an image on the screen. More pixels mean sharper images and finer details, so higher resolutions are usually better. 4K TVs have become the default setting, and almost all TVs on our list have at least this resolution.

You can also buy higher resolution monitors like 8K, but there is very little content available now that uses this technology. And 8K screens tend to be expensive. Therefore, you are going to buy an 8K TV with the hope that it will be an investment for years to come. For most people, 4K is the right choice.

Display Technology

Less expensive TVs tend to have LCD screens or LED panels that use panels of liquid crystal pixels. LCD TVs are bright and durable. But LCD panels often have limited viewing angles and do not control the light in the image as well as other technologies.

Top-shelf TVs use quantum dots that provide more comprehensive color gamuts than you can get with most LCD panels. The technology uses tiny particles of different sizes that allow each size to emit a different color.

The latest trend in high-end TVs is OLED technology that uses organic phosphors. Each pixel can generate its own light, which makes contrast and light resolution better compared to LCD screens. OLED TVs can be viewed from wider viewing angles than LCD models without losing color or reducing contrast. But OLED TVs tend to be expensive and don’t get as bright as LCD TVs.

How did we choose

I am a tech journalist who regularly reviews tools of all kinds. My work has appeared in Atlantic OceanAnd WatchmanAnd Los Angeles Timesand many other publications. I spent over twelve hours reviewing the specifications of Sony TVs for this roundup. I’ve evaluated each for size, resolution, cost, and overall quality. I’ve also personally seen the TVs on this list and been able to compare them to other models.

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  • Great picture quality
  • Lots of screen space for the price
  • Dark color reproduction is not quite as good as OLED models

Key Specifications

  • measuring: 55 inches.
  • Accuracy: 4K Ultra HD

The X80J offers a great balance of features at an affordable price. As you’d expect from Sony, this model delivers a smooth and clear picture packed with rich color and detailed contrast. Sony is promoting embedded Triluminos Pro technology that aims to reproduce more colors than a conventional TV. In a test, I found that this system provides natural, accurate picture quality and is closer to real life than the competitors.

The best big screen

Sony A80J

  • Excellent OLED screen
  • Built-in Google TV

Key Specifications

  • measuring: 65 inches.
  • Accuracy: 4K HDR

Live big with the big screen on the A80J. At 65 inches, you’ll need plenty of room for this set, but your reward is the crisp, clear picture. OLED technology enables excellent contrast with pure blacks and vibrant brightness. The A80J uses Google TV to power your smart experience, and it’s my favorite way to navigate all of your streaming capabilities.

best budget

Sony KDL32W600D

  • inexpensive
  • good picture quality
  • low resolution
  • low voice

Key Specifications

  • measuring: 32 inches.
  • Accuracy: 720 p

This smart TV is among the cheapest models offered by Sony, and it skimps on specs with low resolutions and poor sound. Most people will be better served by a more expensive model, but this might be the model for you if you’re looking for an inexpensive second TV or are watching your budget. The image is surprisingly sharp and clear despite its outdated technology.

  • Great sound
  • Fast refresh rate
  • Contrast is not as good as OLED models

Key Specifications

  • measuring: 65 inches.
  • Accuracy: 4K Ultra HD

This model pushes the boundaries of what LED technology can do. Expect a bold, bright picture and surprisingly good sound with the built-in speakers. The screen refreshes at 120Hz, which is faster than similar models and allows for smoother video playback. Although the contrast isn’t as good as some OLED models, most people who choose the X85J won’t even notice the difference.

Best mid-range LED

Sony X90J

  • Solid color reproduction
  • shining
  • Not as good contrast as some OLED options

Key Specifications

  • measuring: 65 inches.
  • Accuracy: 4K Ultra HD

If you want excellent picture quality and plenty of screen real estate but don’t want to spend big money on OLED technology, the X90J is a solid choice. The LED display provides bright and vibrant colors, and works with Google TV and Alexa to meet all your smart TV needs.

The best mid-range OLED

Sony Bravia XR A90J

  • Beautiful OLED screen
  • Motion processing technology for sports enthusiasts

Key Specifications

  • measuring: 55 inches.
  • Accuracy: 4K Ultra HD

The A90J is among the best TVs for most people on the market if you can stand the high price tag. OLED display delivers brilliant blacks and vivid colors. Sony prides itself on high-quality motion processing for fast-moving, blur-free images. This feature was especially noticeable while watching sports and action-packed movies.

Best 75 inch 4K TV

Sony X950H

  • Too big screen
  • bright picture
  • Supports Apple device integration
  • May be too big for some rooms

Key Specifications

  • measuring: 75 inches.
  • Accuracy: 4K Ultra HD

If you want to live big, the X950H has you covered with a brilliant, bright 75-inch screen. One of the great features of this model is that it supports Apple Airplay 2 and HomeKit so you can integrate your iPhone and Siri devices with your TV for smart home management and content streaming. Keep in mind that you’ll need a lot of space to fit this beast in your living room, so get your tape measure out before your credit card.

Key Specifications

  • measuring: 75 inches.
  • Accuracy: 8K Ultra HD

There is debate among TV geeks about whether 8K resolution is necessary due to the limited content currently available in this format. Regardless, there’s no denying that the 8K screen on this wide TV is fantastic. Quick view of the movie the heat This model made me feel like I’d never need to go to the movies again if I had a Z8H.

Best when you win the lottery

Sony Bravia XR Z9J

  • Huge and crystal clear 8K picture
  • expensive
  • No OLED technology

Key Specifications

  • measuring: 85 inches.
  • Accuracy: 8K Ultra HD

The Bravia XR Z9J is perfect for outfitting your next yacht, but make sure your boat is big enough. This expensive model boasts a large, stunning 85-inch screen and stunning picture quality. However, despite the high price, you still get old LED screen technology instead of the OLED featured on some other models.

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