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Hello PlayStation gamers! Thank you for the great reception we received from you when we announced that Bloodhunt is coming to PlayStation 5. We can now inform you that Bloodhunt will be released on April 27th!

Since we talked recently, we’ve worked hard to create a great experience for you, so today we want to share some details about the PS5 release that we’re sure will get you excited.

Great performance without compromise

Bloodhunt features fast and frantic multiplayer combat with an emphasis on agility. With the power of the PS5, we were able to hit our target of 60 frames per second, even in the most action-packed moments of battle. Most importantly, you will fight to dominate the night in a highly detailed view of Prague. Choose Quality Mode, for the best display quality working in 4K at 30fps, or Performance mode, for a Bloodhunt experience at 60fps rendered at 1440p.

Our vision was to create a representation of Prague that is as close to real life as possible. Being able to achieve this of course requires a lot of attention to detail. Therefore, we have sent our photogrammetry team to the Czech Republic, for real-world assets that are now transcribed in-game. We took more than 10,000 photos and scanned real-life items, all of which are unique to Prague, such as two huge statues: the Jan Hus Memorial and the Statue of Charles IV, located on Křižovnické Square. Once made into the game, this has resulted in thousands of unique textures and assets, bringing city details to life in authentic style.

We’re incredibly happy with how the final game looks on PS5.

Immersive Sound Technology

Bloodhunt takes place in modern-day Prague, a city with plenty of landmarks, narrow streets, and tall buildings, so when it comes to sound, we had a lot to consider. Especially when you have access to high-end headphones like the PS5 Pulse 3D headset.

With its vast soundscape, Bloodhunt’s audio is vital as it allows you to spot threats that are close by, or shoot bullets from the direction. In this way, 3D audio helps you make strategic decisions on how to intelligently beat your opponents.

PlayStation Tempest 3D Audio technology also allows us to highlight one of Bloodhunt’s most unique features: portrait. PS Tempest 3D Audio technology improves audio customization capabilities, by allowing you to locate enemies more precisely than ever before, even on the vertical axis.

Whether your enemies are sniping from rooftops or from a high-altitude tower crane, you’ll be able to pinpoint their locations with greater accuracy. While searching the rainy streets of Prague, locating enemy positions by sound has never been easier.

Exciting battle at your fingertips

The DualSense wireless controller features have really allowed us to take the fast-paced gameplay of Bloodhunt to the next level of immersion, and we can’t wait for you to try it out.

The DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers and vibrations allow us to truly feel the weight of battle as you experience the impact of each powerful attack and weapon. For example, shotguns have a heavy kick and trigger pull, while machine guns can be tapped more easily but with a more intense jolt.

The console light also guides you through the game. It lights up based on your team’s color or when you’re being tracked down by your opponents in pursuit of blood, so keep an eye on it.

Moreover, the speaker on the DualSense controller will make immersion at a high level with high fidelity sounds for consumables or when feeding humans.

With Bloodhunt, we aim to create an interactive experience both visually and from a game design perspective, without compromising on quality. At the same time, it is important to us that the game is freely available to a large audience.

Something different, something special

Bloodhunt is a free game and will be available on PS5 for free. For those of you looking for something extra special to get ready for battle, we have a pre-order offer for the Founder’s Ultimate Edition of the game that comes with an abundance of cool cosmetics and 1,000 tokens, our in-game currency.

When you pre-order the Founder’s Ultimate Edition, you receive a unique and exclusive PS5 epic Samurai mask that will instill fear in your foes. This version also gives you two exclusive killer combos: Headrush and Fast Forward, both unique and with an epic rarity. Moreover, it comes with more than 100 items, from stylish clothes and hairstyles to cool piercings and tattoos. You’ll be able to flaunt your style with a look that really kills! And in case your wardrobe is still short, or if you want to purchase a Battle Pass, this bundle also includes 1,000 Tokens to spend in the in-game store.

Get ready to become the ultimate vampire as we will soon welcome you to the streets of Prague.

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