Companies can’t get enough good tape storage to resist ransomware

Tape storage has never really gone away for big data storage companies, but you’ll be forgiven for not being savvy about the technology as a PC gamer in 2022. Since then we’ve moved on to much faster technologies for gaming PCs, like NVMe SSDs. But tape isn’t dead, far from it — it was in fact a record year for tape storage sales, which are said to be driven by the fear of a cyber attack.

Tape is a very old storage technology by modern standards. There are magnetic tape-based storage systems that date back to the first commercial computers in the 1950s. The folks we’re talking with today, Linear Tape-Open (LTO) came a little later than that, back in the ’90s. This is primarily an open magnetic tape storage standard created by a multi-industry consortium, and today it is manufactured by the likes of HP Enterprise, IBM and Quantum Corporation.

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