Comparison between Samsung Galaxy S22 and iPhone 13

Which flagship smartphone is better, Samsung Galaxy S22 or iPhone 13?

Samsung and Apple have been at the forefront of smartphone design and manufacturing for some time. The Galaxy S and iPhone families have long been industry leaders in terms of performance and popularity, and the latest versions of each are no exception.

Each major family consists of three versions, including the base model, upgrade option, and best deals. The base models offer somewhere mild to moderate upgrades over the previous generation, while the upgrade selections fall into place for many demanding users. The premium models from each company are generally preferred by dedicated enthusiasts.

Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung smartphones run Android OS, which is the most popular operating system on the planet by a large margin. The Galaxy lineup has been around since 2009 and is, like Android, the biggest name in smartphones. For many users, the customization that Android offers (and its flavor of Samsung One UI) makes it the perfect choice for integrating their favorite apps.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Features

  • Remarkably high performance: By standards, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU within the S22 family is as good as it gets.
  • High speed charging: The 45W charging speed is Samsung’s fastest to date.
  • Comfortable Android Experience: There is a reason why millions of users are happy with Google’s popular operating system. Samsung’s OneUI variant offers a wide range of powerful features and customization options to suit anyone’s needs.
  • Four years of Android OS updates: Leading manufacturers of Android smartphones promise multiple years of updates to the latest versions of the operating system.

Cons of Samsung Galaxy S22

  • Battery life is below average: Watts for watts and watts of minutes, the S22 series doesn’t quite match the iPhone 13. This is especially true of the base models.
  • No microSD card slot: You will be limited to your phone’s internal storage and whatever capacity your preferred cloud storage provides.

Samsung Galaxy S22 models

Galaxy S22

While it does make some sacrifices in terms of display capabilities and hardware performance, the base model S22 is the perfect upgrade for demanding users who want to buy a premium smartphone every two or three years. It’s not terribly big, the camera quality is good and Samsung’s latest Android app is as easy to use as it gets. Sold by Amazon

Galaxy S22 +

Galaxy S22 +

The S22+ falls between the base model and the Ultra in many ways, including its size, weight, battery life, and feature set. The combination of a high refresh rate display, great visual fidelity and a fast user experience make it one of the most desirable phones on the market. Sold by Amazon

Galaxy S22 Ultra

Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung has literally taken off with its latest premium mobile device. It’s a suite of more advanced features is perfect for those who spend a lot of time planning, emailing, composing and taking notes on their smartphone, thanks in part to the near-perfect integration of the Samsung S Pen. Sold by Amazon

Apple iPhone 13

Apple products may be somewhat niche, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t excellent. After moving into the development of internal chipsets, Apple’s iPhones (similar to its MacBooks) experienced a huge jump in performance. This, along with the constantly updated iOS, makes the iPhone the best choice for millions of Americans.

Apple iPhone 13 features

  • The best in an easy-to-use experience: The biggest argument for Apple devices, including the iPhone 13, is that they work almost perfectly with little to no tweaking or other user input. Sure, you can customize the look of the operating system and a number of features, but consumers can trust the iPhone 13 lineup to work properly the first time without having to dig through menus to change important settings.
  • Powerful camera algorithm: Another calling card from Apple is the ease with which smartphone cameras take professional-quality photos with just a glance. If you don’t know anything about photography, don’t worry; Your iPhone albums will look great.
  • Good battery life: The base model iPhone 13 noticeably outperforms the vanilla S22 in battery life, while the top models also have a small advantage.
  • Wide variable refresh rate range: The Pro and Pro Max can run anywhere from 10 to 120Hz, which means you won’t experience any stutter or missing frames.
  • The only compact flagship: iPhone 13 Mini is the only high-end smartphone that has a relatively small stature, without exception.

Cons of Apple iPhone 13

  • There’s no microSD card slot here, either: While this isn’t new or surprising, it’s strange that the two best phones of 2022 don’t allow for storage expansion.
  • Too Much Storage Costs Too Much: Whenever base tier models go above 128GB, iPhone prices quickly get expensive.
  • Show subpar base model: The standard iPhone does not support any kind of variable refresh rate.
  • Pale physical appearance: There haven’t been any major improvements to the somewhat boxy iPhone form factor in recent years.

Apple iPhone 13 models

iPhone 13

iPhone 13

If you’re known to upgrade to the latest iPhone on a yearly or semi-annual basis, the base iPhone 13 is the same — but in a good way. It has the long battery life as well as the premium display and next-level user experience that Apple is known for. Sold by Amazon

iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 Pro

The iPhone 13 Pro is arguably the version with the most bang for your buck, borrowing premium features from the Pro Max like an lidar scanner for improved photography, an ultra-bright display, and a variable refresh rate. While it isn’t cheap, you can expect good performance for several years to come. Sold by Amazon

iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone 13 Pro Max

If you insist on having the best performing iPhone ever, then this is the one for you. Despite its extreme strength, it is quite large and one of the most expensive, so even the most dedicated enthusiast should consider it. Sold by Amazon

iPhone 13 mini

iPhone 13 mini

There are no other flagship quality smartphones of this size. If you want something that’s easy to use with one hand but doesn’t skimp on components and screen quality, the iPhone 13 Mini is your only option. Sold by Amazon

Should you get a Galaxy S22 or iPhone 13?

The full-size flagship models from the two companies are direct competition, and each level has an appropriate amount of commonality in terms of size, capabilities and overall performance.

In terms of premium smartphones Apple vs Samsung smartphones in general, the capabilities of the operating system, application systems, and user experience are very different. It is common for people to stick with the operating system they are familiar with. With this in mind, your choice between Apple and Samsung depends on which operating system you prefer.

If you’re new to high-end smartphones, the vanilla iPhone 13 is a slightly better option than the base S22. Anyone who’s ever owned a top-of-the-line smartphone will likely appreciate the improved features and relative value of the mid-tier Galaxy S22+ and iPhone 13 Pro, and at that mid-tier it’s a negation. However, only the most seasoned smartphone enthusiast should consider buying the S22 Ultra or the iPhone 13 Pro Max, both of which pack the most impressive features available.

However, where Samsung can’t come close is in the compact smartphone division. If you want something that you can use with one hand and easily slip into your pocket, there is no better option than the iPhone 13 Mini.

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