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Going beyond the traditional idea of ​​what a TV is, Samsung’s leading lifestyle TV range are true pieces of interior décor that allow users to express themselves in their own spaces. Whether you’re looking for a TV that can double as an art frame, a screen for displaying portrait and landscape-oriented content, or a TV whose design speaks for itself, there’s something for everyone in the range.

In order to learn more about how users around the world are enjoying their trendy Samsung TVs, the Samsung Newsroom reached out to a group of influencers and pioneers in various creative industries.

Adèle & Maxime, French graphic designers interested in how objects work with their interiors

“Samsung lifestyle TVs blend in with the décor, becoming an aesthetic in its own right – all with simplicity and lightness.”

Q: K Designers and illustrators yourselvesWhat do you think of the design of lifestyle TVs from Samsung?

A: The design of Samsung TVs is very interesting because once placed, they become a modern and active object in our interiors. It blends in with the decor, becoming an aesthetic element in itself – all with simplicity and lightness.

Q: Samsung has partnered with some artists to design TVs for their lifestyle. What do you think of such partnerships that blend technological innovation with artistic creativity?

A: The idea of ​​opening an everyday object design to creators is very important to us. Technological things can lose their simplicity and poetry through the advantage of their design, but by collaborating with creators we can bring this problem to the fore to solve it.

Ferro and Lula, a Mexican-French photographer and creative professional duo with a passion for travel

“Samsung’s lifestyle TVs combine art, aesthetics, interior design, and entertainment, taking them beyond the functionality of a TV – something truly revolutionary.”

Q: Besides your professional pursuits, you are well known in your fields Instagram shared page Where you share your favorite travel experiences. What do you think of Serif TV in which you can watch your media and memories?

A: We used to hate the black screen TV in our living room, so Ambient Mode is one of the features we like the most about Serif. It’s really great that Samsung regularly brings up new content for Ambient Mode, but for the most part, we’re eager to show off our media and show it to ourselves and our guests.

Q: Vero – As a photographer, what do you like most about Samsung Lifestyle TVs?

A: First of all, thanks to QLED screens, the picture quality is amazing. Plus, Samsung’s lifestyle TVs combine art, aesthetics, interior design, and entertainment, making them go beyond TV functionality – something truly revolutionary.

Q: Lola – what’s your favorite thing about Serif TV?

A: What I love most about Serif TV is that it doesn’t look like TV. With a passion for interior design, I think The Serif is a beautiful, unique, and bold addition to a living space.

Kyal & Kara, the Australian renovators who like to think outside the box

“The ability to display your own or world-renowned media on The Frame means there are endless ways to create a unique look and feel for each individual.”

Q: How do Samsung Lifestyle TVs affect your daily home routine and activities?

A: With two young children and an active lifestyle, we really appreciate relaxing time together as a family, and Samsung Lifestyle TVs play a big part in this. On the weekends we love movie time together as a family, and the kids love picking out artwork from our The Frame art shop in our small room – it’s a great way for them to take ownership of the space.

Q: Samsung The Frame combines technology and aesthetics for seamless TV experiences. What are your favorite features of TV?

A: The two highlights for us are the TV’s slim, streamlined design and customizable bezel. We all aim to create spaces that evoke emotions as you enter a room, and the ability to project your own or world-renowned media on TV means there are endless ways to create a unique look and feel for each individual.

Q: What advice would you give to users looking to match their Samsung lifestyle TV to their interiors?

A: We have three main tips. Tip 1: Function First – Figure out how you want to view your TV. Serif is a great option for corner spaces where wall mounts or units are not an option.

Tip 2: Find your inspiration. From color palettes to other pieces of decor, make sure you know what’s important in your space. Finally, the third tip: create a style that is unique to you. Ask yourself what ambiance you’re looking for with your space. For example, if you prefer minimal interior design, The Frame TV with a white frame will be the perfect choice.

Lotte Meister, the American interior designer and trader who loves when function meets style

“The Serif TV looks vintage and modern at the same time and doesn’t take up much visual space in the way a TV on a console table might.”

Q: Samsung lifestyle TVs have been developed to be able to fit into any interior and aesthetic space. What do you think about the design of Serif TV? What do you like most about it?

A: Serif’s clean fonts and cool ambiance make it a decorative element in itself. Furthermore, the sloping ceilings of our bedroom did not allow for a flat screen to be hung on the wall, but we wanted to be able to watch TV in bed. Serif was the perfect solution. It looks vintage and modern at the same time and doesn’t take up much visual space in the way a TV on a console table might. The hidden wires are also genius – the designer and gamer in me loves the look!

Q: What about The Frame TV? What do you like most about it?

A: We have 3 homes across upstate New York, each with completely different aesthetics. We have the Frame in every one of these homes, and it looks great in every location. I love it because it looks like another piece of art and doesn’t scream “Look at me, I’m TV!”. The choice of available finishes for The Frame allows you to work in every style of home.

Jin Wong Sun, a Korean furniture designer with a passion for the harmony of the interior

“The Frame’s frame is optimized so that the joints fit perfectly when the frame is off – like a puzzle piece that snaps into place.”

Q: As a professional furniture designer, do you have any special criteria to consider when choosing a TV?

A: I would never choose a product that does not match the space it will be placed in, which is why I use The Frame now, as I love how it can be used as a real art frame when the screen is turned off.

Moreover, you can easily change the color of The Frame’s bezel to match the changing interior anytime you want, something you can’t do with most electronic devices. On top of that, the frame joints are designed at a 45-degree angle, and as a furniture designer, this strikes me as stunningly sophisticated. The frame is optimized so that the joints fit perfectly when the frame is off – like puzzle pieces snap into place.

Q: These days, there is an increasing demand for lifestyle TVs that are able to integrate seamlessly into the user space. What are your thoughts on this trend?

A: In the past, television played the role of bringing all the family together in the living space while also providing entertainment. But these days, TVs are much more about providing multi-faceted entertainment experiences, as well as being distinct pieces of furniture.

For those who live in a small space, The Serif is the perfect choice – as opposed to, say, a huge wall-mounted TV – because it takes advantage of the space it occupies by serving as a sophisticated interior décor element that stands to own it as a piece of furniture.

* The Influencers featured in the article are Samsung’s Paid Influencer Partners.

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