eBay has been renewed for a hands-on purchase experience of the iPhone 12 mini

Earlier this week, eBay launched the latest expansion of its revamped certified program. Retailers and listings have grown even more since last November’s update, and we’re taking a hands-on look at what to expect just by buying a refurbished iPhone 12 on eBay. Detailing the case opening experience, cosmetic conditions, and more, head down below for a closer look.

Hands-on with eBay’s Refurbished iPhone Experience

After the original update last fall, eBay is back to update its certified revamped software again earlier in the week. In what is another expansion of major changes from November, there are now more brands getting the savings added for new similar case listings on eBay.

With these updates in mind and Apple’s recent addition bringing the iPhone 12 series to its own revamped storefront, we thought it would be the perfect time to see what eBay has to offer up front. It’s no surprise that even deeper savings can be reaped by forgoing the first-party shopping experience. But what exactly are you looking at? Let’s dive in.

By far, the biggest advantage eBay has over its certified refurbished program is taking the guesswork out of buying from a trusted seller. Each list has the extension eBay renewal The badge comes backed by the peace of mind you purchase from one of our top rated partners. There is also an added benefit of eBay’s money-back guarantee along with one-year warranties.

You can read all about recent policy changes from eBay on its storefront in our previous coverage, detailing the four different terms the program now offers. Although it is a quick recap, there is now excellentAnd very goodAnd good Terms of joining the original approved revamped lists that we worked on last year.

For the actual experience, we take a look at what you can expect by purchasing a refurbished iPhone 12 from eBay.

Unboxing a Refurbished iPhone 12 from eBay

The biggest aspect of eBay doing things a little differently with its new, revamped layers is the unboxing experience. This is something that has thrown me for a loop compared to the first time I got one of the brand’s refurbished products, but just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s a drop in quality you actually get.

eBay was kind enough to send out more than two different iPhone 12 mini models — each coming in a plain cardboard box and covered in bubble wrap. It’s far from the same fresh experience you’ll find from the brand’s eBay storefronts, but the actual products really speak for themselves.

The most important thing to be wary of are the included chargers. This is a departure from the official offerings you’d expect when shopping directly from Apple, although I suppose it’s a good idea to get an actual USB-A wall adapter in the box considering the new iPhone 12 series phone lacks that entirely. This is ultimately more criticism than anything close to a deal-breaker, but it’s worth noting that this is an area that falls short of exceptions.

Get a refurbished iPhone 12 on hand

Average packaging and third-party experiences may not offer the best experience yet, but the condition of the iPhone 12 mini models I’ve received is really what matters. I have been sent both excellent copy condition as well as one of very good case units. Both are new to the revamped eBay storefront as of November last year and are what allow the retailer to stock iPhones in the first place.

excellent iPhone 12 case on the left, very good The form on the right

How do they stack up and compare? let’s start with excellent case model. As part of the repaired program, eBay itself describes this condition for these refurbished products as new and reflects this with a one-year warranty. For what I actually received, the results are in line with those expectations. The glossy black finish of the iPhone 12 mini I received again proved to be the perfect fabric for seeing any potential scratches, as damage tends to be more noticeable for this pattern on other models in the lineup.

However, the new-like promise was true on what I removed from eBay. From my point of view, there were only a few very subtle abrasions that don’t even show on camera. These tiny little bugs are as close as possible to a like-new model, so we’re off to a good start. The screen is free from any scratches and the aluminum casing around the side of the phone is in almost perfect condition as well.

small pumpkin in very good case iphone 12

As for the very good Case model, things were finally a step down as expected from an eBay approved brand. For this case, eBay notes that you’re looking for minimal wear overall plus the same one-year internal warranty. Practically speaking, the model shipped to me wasn’t far off. There are a few scratches along the length of the case that are more noticeable than the small ones on the case in excellent condition.

What surprised me most about both units was the condition of the front and rear windshields. Noticeable minute abrasions, not to mention complete scratches, are some of the most common things to look for in refurbished equipment. So it’s definitely worth pointing out that both phones that shipped my way were spotlessly clean.

100% battery capacity in each iPhone 12 mini

Internal wear is also as important as the external condition of the hardware and again eBay surprised me on this front. The biggest sign of iPhone wear like this is the battery, and as with the scratch tests, eBay has gone through with flying colors. Both models I received came with batteries that report 100% capacity by Apple’s own internal tool. I’ve been using it for the past week or so too, only to get a few charge cycles on each device, with no changes so far.

So the bottom line here is that while eBay-certified refurbished iPhone 12 units may not be completely flawless, every one passes the test in my book. Inside and out you get a reliable device that really lives up to the bar. There are certainly compromises between each case, but the differences between excellent And very good The conditions seem to be worth the added savings.

How good is the value you get from eBay?

Passing the Condition Class Test, the real value to go with your eBay Certified Refurbished iPhone 12 is the price. The inspiration for this full review was Apple’s addition of the iPhone 12 series of phones to its own revamped storefront. You can get all the details on what the official renewed condition offers, but the big difference with eBay is that all four versions of the phone are available.

Originally launched at $699, the iPhone 12 mini has been missing from Apple’s official revamped program. On the other hand, eBay has some very notable values ​​over the previous generation phone among the other models in the iPhone 12 lineup.

starting from excellent Status listings, you will pay less than $430 For a fully unlocked unit. Those who will be activated in a particular carrier can lower fares even further. As for the very good Unlocked models and units trending in $390 price range.

Then of course there are the added savings that appear from time to time in eBay coupon sales. Regular rates are really competitive in relation to the refurbished market, but being able to get an extra 15% off or more makes the value really hard to beat.

All in all, there may be compromises with using an iPhone 12 mini from an eBay Certified Refurbished store, but many will find the extra savings more than offset any drawbacks. Those same savings also carry over to the iPhone 12 / Pro / Max models, which you can dive into here.

9to5 Take game

Since this is practically the second time I’ve worked with any of the revamped eBay listings, the biggest takeaway is how consistent the program continues. We’ve been sharing discounts from the retailer for over a year at this point and have received messages from readers sharing many of the same findings in both this review and the original review.

On the actual iPhone 12 front, the final verdict on buying a refurbished model from eBay and its refurbished software is pretty solid. There are certainly some compromises to consider, such as the lackluster charging accessories, but the extra cash would be hard to beat. The circumstances really speak for themselves, although the extra savings should definitely be spent on picking up some more formal accessories. It’s the biggest drawback to going with a refurbished model from eBay. But hardly enough to spoil the experience.

One of the biggest use cases of the software that comes to mind for me is having family members who don’t need the latest and greatest in the working iPhone. Although anyone who wants to save some cash on previous generation Apple devices, or other smartphones on the Android side of things, will definitely want to consider using eBay.

So, all in all, I am very impressed with the experience. My first impressions with eBay and its refurbished program were already enough to inspire confidence to buy refurbished in the past, but a second look at what the experience offers certainly reinforces that it’s not a coincidence.

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