Elden Ring Modder creates ‘Ultimate’ raging

Don’t mention Griffith about that smudger.
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It’s no secret that many aspects of FromSoftware’s Soulsborne games are inspired by the popular manga by Kentaro Miura. Rambunctious. fact, elden ring Already praised in many ways, all the way to Half wolf bladesalmost strange to Rambunctious Courageous protagonist. right Now, elden ringThe manga rulers cycle has come full circle as Guts himself introduces isekai’d into the Penn lands via a new mod.

Call of the Abyss, from COTA Studios modder Papa Appa, aims to let you play as the dark swordsman himself as you venture through the Lands Between. The mode is very much in development but is currently available for download through it Patreon Studios Kuta. You can see it in action by Latest development history video:

Existing or planned features include a realistic Guts character model, his coarse armor suit, recreation of his famous hand-held cannon, a “berserk” state when Guts lose control and succumb to his wrath, and a summonable/boss version of Guts that has a more acrobatic movement set loosely based on Blaid.

Baba Abba also cooperated with Eye Gardenmoder and YouTuber behind a file The spirit of “Let Me Solo Her” summons a modto create a video series Elden Ring Multiverse, where they have modified their favorite cartoon characters in the game as bosses. In the new episode 2 Husband displays courage as a boss fight In the late Mugoin Palace area.

Rambunctious It was an easy first choice because [Souls-series game designer Hidetaka] Miyazaki Monument Rambunctious The manga was a huge inspiration to himself regarding souls series as seen in many bosses and characters,” Baba Abba said Kotaku.

Eye Garden said Kotaku idea elden ring The multiverse came about a year ago elden ringrelease.

“[Berserk] It holds a special place in the hearts of many, and deserves a proper mod.” “Naturally, we found it quite appropriate to do so as an introduction to the multiverse. … I’m also a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so this also played a big part in my desire to realize this idea.”

Papa Appa, who became friends with the Garden of Eyes through their shared love of Soulsborne games, said he’s on the relaxed side of Elden Ring Multiverse While the garden of eyes formulated her novel.

Once the boss fight begins in Elden Ring Multiverse The episode, “Courage” frantically rushes from side to side and hits his opponent before their bodies are devoured by starvation, just as he does when he is overcome by bloodshed in the manga. This meticulous attention to detail is due to the tireless efforts of Papa Appa, who put a lot of love and attention into the details of the Call of the Abyss mod lore.

“I’ve been trying to give you guys the best Guts armor ever and Guts mods in general in every way elden ring Baba Abba said in his mood YouTube CotA’s latest demo video.

Although the current situation elden ring Garden Of Eyes said the mod is limited to importing custom animations from other games Kotaku That Papa Appa was able to derive the Guts’ move set from Blaidd the Half-Wolf’s attack patterns.

“Blaidd was the perfect choice for this as a base,” Garden of Eyes said. “Through appropriate modifications to his form, movements, and visuals, a proper Berserk Guts was born.”

Call of the Abyss is not your typical form exchange job. Papa Appa said it took about a week to create a set of special features that die-hard fans will appreciate. For example, when you play as Guts, his ‘berserker’ feature is triggered once you drop below 50% health and you have four progressive states, indicated by the bright red eyes of dark monster helmet And a blanket of red and black smoke followed in its wake

“For you big Rambunctious Fans out there, you know, the Beast of Darkness is not a real being but a fusion and accumulation of all the traumas and fears and fears Guts had as a child,” Papa Appa said in the CotA update video. “I really wanted to embody that through the black mist because I think it matches up with [armor] Very good group. “

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Berserk’s state gives a 15% increase in stamina recovery and damage output, but the longer you stay in berserk mode, the more your health will drain, which is pretty accurate for how Guts’ crushing grief is measured with his excessive power in the manga.

My only criticism of the Baba Abba model so far has been that the guts go down road Very easily in the Garden of Eyes video. This could be because the majority of Guts’ manga moves are still missing from the mode. If the Guts cannon arm, throwing knives, crossbow, and grenades were inside, I imagine the boss fight would have been more like a killer brawl.

Papa Abba said Kotaku though elden ring He still has a limited modification scene, plans to add skull knight As well as new features such as the aforementioned hand cannon which You can see a preview here.

‘This is still the tip of the iceberg for related projects Rambunctious and other things in the multiverse, be it new bosses, weapons, armor, and much more,” Kotaku. “We have a great passion for the game, and we aim to get the best mods Elden’s Ring.

Speaking as a longtime fan of Berserk, I’d love to see mods where Guts swap the model with Blaidd and prolific POS Griffith replace Malinia‘Cause I gotta get what suits me Rambunctious ends somehow.

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