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Buying a computer off the shelves is second nature to everyone, especially in Singapore, which is full of gadgets.

Plenty of well-established brands exist to offer laptops and desktops of all sizes in various specifications to cater to consumers who are tasked with stepping into a store and buying a new device every few years.

So here’s a concept everyone can fall behind: What if you could customize a new PC that meets your needs without the annoying add-ons and bloatware you never asked for and prolong its use?

1. Custom-made computers aren’t just for geeks

Built-to-order computers (PCs) first appeared in the 1980s for mainstream consumers.

Since then, sales of these devices have been going strong for four decades – a testament to their attractiveness and longevity given their ability to meet needs.

And this segment has been booming lately, overtaking the gaming client base.

During the 2000s, custom-built computers were built to boast more RAM, storage space, higher-quality graphics, and game-ready processors than off-the-shelf PCs.

Graphics and game hardware have been constantly improving dramatically, driven in large part by the demand for greater realism and Moore’s Law going its natural course.

With the arrival of Web 2.0 in the late 2000s and the rise of social media platforms hosting user-generated content, dedicated computers found a new client base: content creators, especially photographers, videographers, and designers.

These amateur and professional users demonstrated a voracious appetite for greater processing power than ever before.

2. What happens when you customize your computer?

There are two main things that happen when you customize your computer.

a. You can save money.

If the purpose of owning a computer is to play games, you can buy the parts that work best with the games you play.

If your goal is to edit photos or videos, you can purchase certain parts that can support your editing workload.

Painters, architects, and music producers have all benefited from the use of dedicated computers.

All those users who use specialized computers pay for the equipment they need – no more, no less.

B. Your computer can last longer.

With prolonged use, wear and tear will no longer mean having to buy a brand new computer because you don’t have to throw everything away.

Custom computers allow for replacement parts, reassembly and reconfiguration to make room for future uses.

The custom computer essentially offers an open future and is not subject to planned obsolescence, which has allowed hardware companies to thrive through product manufacturing and lifecycles to ensure customers come back to buy hardware to keep up with the latest technology.

3. How do you build your computer in Singapore?

Barely 10 years ago, personal computers were built by hobbyists with their own hands, using their own technical knowledge, as they were immersed in the do-it-yourself culture.

They basically have to build and test their own systems to get rid of incompatibility issues.

This resulted in a little bit of trial and error and having to spend more than buying a rack-ready computer and working with it.

And if this process seems like torture to less tech-savvy consumers, it doesn’t have to be.

In Singapore, Dreamcore has developed a system for bringing customization to the mass market.

Unique selling point? It offers beginners and users who want a hassle-free experience with access to professionals who guarantee reliability and over-the-counter support, all part of the after-sales service.

Founded in 2012, Dreamcore made its mark in 2017 in the market by launching one of the smallest custom PCs that can fit in a backpack to challenge the idea that customization automatically means bulky and unwieldy hardware.

The world’s smallest Dreamcore PC in 2017

Since then, retail users have experienced a bulge.

Content creators, illustrators, broadcasters and animators, along with players in the new economy, driven in part by the pandemic, make up the Dreamcore user base.

Dreamcore sold 17 units at its first IT fair in 2017.

It has now sold over 15,000 units since then.

3. How hard is it to create your own personal computer?

These days, a functional and aesthetically pleasing desktop or laptop computer with precise specifications can be created to suit your needs after a guided experience in Dreamcore.

Clients without technical knowledge can go to a Dreamcore consultant, whose role is to guide them through building a customized computer in an easy-to-understand language.

The consultant helps empower customers not only by making the buying process easier, but by giving them the knowledge to make PC building decisions of the future.

The consultant translates clients’ requirements into a customized desktop or laptop computer with matching specifications.

Dreamcore computers are assembled by professionals according to customer specifications

Those who turn to Dreamcore for help getting the perfect PC include business professionals drawn to the productivity-focused Dreambook Touch 15 laptop, while graphic designers and video editors look for Dream Machine and Reverie ranges designed to fit the needs of content creators.

Hardcore gamers have developed the Ghost and Phantom series of desktop computers, which are designed to handle heavy gaming without causing lag and latency issues.

Those who have frequent uses of their laptops can also check out the latest offerings from Dreamcore.

As an example of how far Dreamcore, its latest laptop, has come, the Dreamcore Fusion 15 is a slim 15-inch PC for content creators, as well as for those who love to play games.

Dream Core Fusion 15 . Laptop

Powered by an 11th generation Intel Core i7-11800h processor with a base configuration of 8GB of RAM, the Dreamcore still allows for more configuration by tuning it up to 32GB of RAM.

Minimum storage of 500 GB is also customizable up to 2 TB.

The laptop has a black aluminum alloy chassis, with screen options of FHD 240Hz or QHD 165Hz.

Customers can choose the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 discrete graphics card for most uses, or load it with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card for smoother, sharper graphics to pair with the QHD display option.

The best part for non-tech-savvy consumers is that custom-built computers aren’t self-made.

Paying for a computer built and delivered by Dreamcore is also getting expert services and after-sales care.

The next best part about custom built computers is that it is entirely up to you when it comes to including what you want.

Additional features like liquid-cooling systems — in which, unlike air coolers, liquid transfers heat to the radiators, efficiently taking it out of the desktop case rather than around it — add to the cost, but are reliable in ensuring that your computer doesn’t crash, causing hardware damage due to High temperature.

The cost structure is very transparent.

The individual components are priced individually, and even the storage you buy is sold separately for your own device.

The user can even choose their operating system, or ask Dreamcore to recommend one that best suits their needs.

If you want to customize your PC, find out more here.

This sponsored article was brought to you by Dreamcore.

The author of this article now wished to write this article on a computer designed by Dreamcore.

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