Extron engages students at North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University’s D. H. Hill Jr. Library, which has more than one million volumes, is named after Daniel Harvey Hill Jr., a professor of English who was one of the top five faculty members at NCSU. He was rector of the university for several years in the early 1900s. The library was built in phases spanning decades and the building saw a major renovation in 2021.


(Photo credit: North Carolina State University)

The renovation included extensive body reconfigurations, and many high-tech additions and improvements, including the latest audio-visual amenities. This makes the Hill Library a comprehensive center for learning, teaching, research, collaboration, and experimentation. Spaces equipped with audio and video were added during the 2021 upgrade, including the Innovation Studio, a place to showcase virtual reality and other emerging technologies; Visualization studio, with an immersive 360-degree view; and Data Experiment Lab, a collaborative space for data science, visualization, and analytics. The renovation also includes more group study rooms, more teaching labs, and more exhibition spaces to further supplement the existing library of such spaces. The switching, distribution and control of Extron AV is critical to the operation of all these spaces.

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