First images and details of Philips 2022 high-end OLED TVs (OLED907 / OLED937)

As usual, the Philips 2022 high-end OLED TVs of the OLED907 and OLED937 series were revealed at the iF Design Awards 2022. Details and first photos can be found here!

Like every year, Philips once again won the iF Design Award for its cutting-edge OLED TVs, which will be available in Fall 2022. This gives us the first images and information we’d like to share with you here:

Philips OLED907 with integrated amplifier and subwoofer

The Philips OLED907 has a Bowers & Wilkins integrated audio system that sits under the screen like a Integrated speaker was a supplement. The entire system is covered with acoustic fabric. In the back we see the person swinging freely tied in the middle Subwoofer, which also covers the lower frequency bands, and therefore should provide a balanced audio representation in all frequency bands. The luxurious remote is wrapped in leather on both sides and the back and still relies on a set of function keys, including the 10-digit field. Indian center mounted bracket It allows you to rotate the OLED907 4K OLED TV. Confirmed sizes are 48, 55 and 65 inches. 3-sides amplite Complete this wonderful TV.

Philips OLED937 with 4-sided Amblight

If you want something else, you will inevitably end up with the Philips OLED937. separateSound system Powers and Wilkins, which also serves as support for an OLED display, should be able to play Dolby Atmos 3D audio out of the box. For this, the system has been developed in an advanced, lateral and launch loudspeakers Equipped, all well hidden behind the acoustic fabric. Since the screen appears in the air, the TV can also be used with it 4-sided ambilight Really shine. Wall mounting would be ideal for this model. Also OLED937 Excellent remote control Leather closed. It is interesting that the outstanding model so far Only at 77 inches It has been announced. Let’s see if Philips can move away from the sizes of other models, such as the 83-inch model.

OLED907 and OLED937 with an OLED Ex panel?

In the spring of 2022, Philips already introduced the OLED807 model series with the presentation of a new Ex OLED panel. The new LG Display Panel is based on new deuterium materials, which not only improves the panel’s longevity, but also increases its brightness performance by up to 30 percent. Incidentally, this is also the reason why OLED807 4K OLED TVs are not available for purchase. Delivery of OLED Ex panels is only scheduled for the middle of the year. It is still open whether the OLED907 and OLED937 could also feature an OLED Ex panel, or just one. OLED Evo panel with enhanced brightness. The pictures suggest the former.

As always, we will receive detailed information as part of the IFA in Berlin, which will be held in person again this year.

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