Former chief scientist at Pokemon GO and co-founder of 6waves joins AnChain.AI in spearheading the $17 billion Web3 revolution

Victor FangCEO and Co-Founder of AnChain.AI comments: “I am delighted to welcome more industry experts to join the mission of enabling Web3. Our A-Player team is fortunate to seize this unparalleled opportunity to shape the future of Web3!”

AnChain.AI is redoubling its commitment to the secure and sustainable growth of the Web3 ecosystem, offering the only fully compliant, secure, and end-to-market solution to leverage entirely new revenue streams and community building capabilities through NFTs. The company reported Web3-enabled revenue growth of more than 400% in the first quarter of 2022, with plans to expand its offering along with the official launch of Tenzing in May 2022.

“AnChain.AI is at the forefront of NFT-enabled solutions,” he said. Rex Ng. “They have already established the technology infrastructure and partnered with many brands, celebrities, influencers and more. With the advent of NFT Games, AnChain.AI is poised to explore new synergistic opportunities with the next wave of NFT gaming companies.”

“Digital goods, virtual economy and security are the pillars of human coexistence via the Internet and the shared experience in the future,” he said. Hansung Chang, former CEO of Pokemon GO Niantic creator. “AnChain.AI’s virtual assets and security systems are critical enabling technologies that are ushering in technological and societal transformations. It is very exciting to engage with AnChain and participate in this future in a front row seat.”

Already trusted by leading cryptocurrency companies, financial institutions, and regulators including the US Securities and Exchange Commission, AnChain.AI is now bringing smart contract information, cryptography, and industry-defining cloud infrastructure expertise to the Web3 space. Combining this with patented Web3 security with a polished customer experience, AnChain.AI will usher in a new era of digital innovation.

on Rex Ng
Rex is the president and co-founder of 6waves, a global mobile game publisher with several Top Grossing games in United States of America and APAC, where he manages all operational aspects of 6waves, including product development, user acquisition, analytics, and business development. Rex started his career in Silicon Valley by building the HP BI system and Data Warehouse, followed by the next decade at Yahoo Inc. , where he led the Yahoo team for strategic data solutions.

on Hansung Chung
doctor. Hansung Chang Silicon Valley scientist, entrepreneur, and investor. He helped build two multibillion dollar companies in the United States. He was the chief scientist at Niantic Inc. , maker of the popular AR game Pokemon Go, where it has led technology initiatives in augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI).

He was the Founding Vice President of Technology at Roblox Corporation, a leading NYSE-listed Metaverse and the world’s largest platform for games and user-generated spaces. He co-founded Wearality Corporation, a company that brought defense optics technology into the consumer space. Prior to that, he held technical leadership positions at Silicon Graphics (SGI) and Nvidia. When first starting it, he designed a graphics engine that would power Google Earth through acquisition. His consulting firm advises on emerging visual computing, computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies at some of the world’s largest technology companies, including Google, Microsoft, Intel and AMD.

About AnChain.AI
AnChain.AI is an AI-powered cybersecurity company that advances blockchain security, risk, and compliance strategies. AnChain.AI was founded in 2018 by cybersecurity and enterprise software experts from FireEye and Mandiant. Backed by both Silicon Valley and Wall Street VCs, and selected into the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, the company has earned the trust of more than 100 clients from more than 10 countries in these sectors: VASPs, financial institutions, and government, including the US SEC (Securities and Commission Exchange). Featured by CBS News, MIT Tech Review, Coindesk, DEFCON, and AnChain.AI’s AML 1 billion dollars in daily crypto transactions.

Source: AnChain.AI

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