Framework now sells its modular laptop spirit and the potential for PC projects is endless

Have you ever wanted to make your own laptop from the ground up? Or a mini PC, All-in-One or even a handheld gaming PC? Now, I’m not talking about choosing some parts from a custom menu in Derek’s SuperGood System Builders or Origin PC or whatever. I’m talking about actually grabbing the motherboard’s PCB, chassis, some ports, memory, screens, and a whole bunch, and screwing it all together yourself. That’s what the Framework is offering in the US and Canada (via Ars Technica) right now, as they’re offering Intel Tiger Lake-based motherboards for purchase on their own.

We’ve written about the Framework laptop before, it’s basically a device designed to be as open as possible for the user to upgrade or repair themselves, using just a screwdriver to help. The smart part about it is that everything is completely modular, offering not only the possibility of repair but also user customization.

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