Ghostbusters 5 has been confirmed at CinemaCon

CinemaCon, an event where major studios show theater owners across the country what movies they’ll be releasing in the near future, kicked off today in Las Vegas. It’s also where studios tend to get a little excited about their descent down the pipeline. Judging from this, one of the main announcements of Sony Pictures in the presentation confirmed that Ghostbusters 5 He is on the way.

And that’s literally all we got. It might be anyone’s guess as to what the movie could be about, but that shouldn’t be as surprising as last year Ghostbusters: The Afterlife It was loved by both critics and fans of the franchise alike. It was also a modest box office success, grossing $197 million worldwide on a $75 million budget.

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The film was a nostalgic revival of the franchise after its poorly received 2016 reboot, while also being uniquely fun and entertaining in its own right. Bringing elements of horror back to the franchise, it has seen the return of the remaining living ghost hunters, with new cast members adding their own flavor to the universe.. Makena GraceAnd Paul RoadAnd Finn WolfhardAnd Carrie Kon played off Dan AykroydAnd Bill MurrayAnd Ernie HudsonAnd Annie Potts very gently.

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However, what hereafter She will be remembered for her family and legacy themes. Behind and in front of the camera. How does this sequel honor the late Harold RamisEgon Spengler was very honest and brought tears to the eyes of most fans. take Jason ReitmanSon Evan Reitmanthe original director of the 1984 movie, live hereafter Just add to that the rich emotional core. Unfortunately, Evan Reitman passed away earlier this year.

hereafter It was a loving family affair in every inch of her production, so it will be exciting to see what carries over for this fifth movie. Hopefully, Jason Reitman will be back behind the camera, and given the lead role the Spengler family played in the last movie, it’s possible that the new generation of potential Ghostbusters, including Grace and Wolfhard, will return, too. One of the post-credit scenes in hereafter He saw Winston of Hudson buy back the famous Ghostbusters fire station to bring back the set. For this reason, the franchise may be returning to New York for this new movie.

Again, nothing is known about a chart or trend Ghostbusters 5. However, what we do know is that hereafter It brought back some of our favorites, and it’s nice to get confirmation that a sequel will soon follow our lives. We probably won’t get any more updates for a while, but while you wait, keep working Ray Parker Jr.The classic theme because the Ghostbusters are back!

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