How do you know if AirTag is near you? The settings were explored with the family claiming they were tracked down during a visit to Disney World

A family in Tennessee claimed that an Apple AirTag was used to track them during their day at Walt Disney World. Jennifer Gaston told Fox 35 Orlando that the family was on their way to their car via the monorail when they received a notification that the owner of the device was tracking them.

Gaston’s daughter discovered that the device had been tracking them for several hours during their day at Disney World. Gaston said:

“We were terrified, confused, hurt and scared. I literally watched her follow us off the tram all the way back to our car.”

The family was unable to find the device when they were near their car. Gaston’s daughter continued searching for the device, and it turned out to be still in the parking lot. The mother then revealed that they threw everything out of their bags to look for the device, but they were unable to find the device.

AirTags are used for illegal purposes even though they are made to ensure product integrity (Image via Getty Images)
AirTags are used for illegal purposes even though they are made to ensure product integrity (Image via Getty Images)

Gaston’s daughter revealed that AirTag was still on the move once they left the Disney World parking lot.

The family reported the incident to police, but the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida reported that the incident had not been identified as a crime because they had not physically found the device. Sources revealed that a report has since been submitted.

Indicates that AirTag is tracking you

For iPhone users, make sure that notifications are enabled under Find My Devices. To do this, one has to go to the “Find My” app on the iPhone or iPad and tap on the “Me” icon at the bottom right. One can find the ‘Item Safety Alerts’ option if scrolled down. One has to make sure that it is enabled.

Those with iOS 14.5 will receive notifications about nearby AirTags and other devices using Apple’s Find My network. Those with an iPhone 6 or later should update their devices to the latest possible iOS versions to enable notifications that display AirTags that may be tracking you.

The notification one would come across if they had an AirTag following it would read: “Unknown device detected,” “Unknown accessory detected,” “Unknown AirTag detected,” “An item near you has been detected,” or something similar . With a map showing how the device will move with you.

On Android phones, the AirGuard app can be used to get a notification about device tracking. Once the person gets the notification, they can view the MAC address of the detected device. They can also display the date and time the device was first and recently discovered. A map and timeline for tracking the device will also be seen.

Apple also has its own Tracker Detect app for Android phones. However, one will have to scan manually to discover the device.

Your Apple device will start chirping once it has been unplugged from your paired iPhone or iPad for more than 24 hours.

Once one realizes that the device is tracking them, they are suggested not to go home right away. They must then locate the physical device by following the chirping sounds. They then have to get the serial number from the device which will be shown in AirTag notifications.

One can disable the device by pressing the center of the back panel. The plate must then be twisted clockwise to open. The battery inside must be removed. The serial number will also be printed on the back panel.

Apple recommends reporting the incident to the police along with the device’s serial number. This will allow Apple to find the rightful owner of the device.

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