How PS5 Uncharted Can Revamp the Series Formula

Among the many PlayStation exclusives, Naughty Dog’s Anonymous It is arguably the most popular. She topped the lineup for the first team during the PS3 and PS4 generations, and now has a feature film starring Tom Holland, Anonymous The series has been a huge success since it came on the scene in 2007. However, the franchise has been quiet in terms of new games, with the last major release being Uncharted: The Lost Legacy in 2017.

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A recent interview with a Naughty Dog employee seems to suggest more Anonymous Projects can be in the works, which is sure to impress fans of Nathan Drake. After so many years, returning to these adventures cannot be just an old song and dance; You will need to bring some new concepts to the table. Given that Naughty Dog is a studio with a history of upping the ante, there are ways the PS5 can be used Anonymous String format can be renewed.

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Uncharted on PS5 could have a more open mission structure

For the most part, Anonymous It is a narrative-driven linear adventure series. Players are moved from a stationary piece to a stationary piece in structured environments. There is nothing wrong with this, but the next generation is new Anonymous It cannot be more than the same. at Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End And The last of us 2Naughty Dog has shown an interest in making gameplay even more exciting by adding new scenarios and more open areas to explore.

While a full open world might seem like a big aberration from what Anonymous is that there are other avenues that can be explored. First, it is perhaps a branching storyline that gives players more freedom in how they approach missions. The main hub world can have different areas surrounding it to explore in any order, and depending on how it’s processed, it changes the overall outcome of the experience.

Moreover, consider Anonymous Following the characters in search of buried treasure, Naughty Dog can have more fun with this aspect of the series. It can include a set of hidden trinkets that are ready to be discovered, and perhaps take a note of Breath of the wild in how a sense of discovery and wonder is seamlessly woven into the fleeting moments of gameplay. For this to work, Naughty Dog may have to put the story behind more than usual, but given the studio’s talent, he should be able to strike a good balance.

Uncharted on PS5 can use customizable gear/equipment

To complement a more open approach, some adjustments need to be made to how players interact with the game. To add an extra sense of immersion and really help players feel like a treasure hunter, Naughty Dog can allow for more customization when it comes to the gear and equipment used. This will be a breath of fresh air, and allow players to feel like they are calling the shots as explorers roam the globe.

Players can set gear before heading off on a mission, choosing items such as a grappling hook, diving gear, or even a dirt bike. However, certain areas can only be accessed with certain equipment, which will bring more possibility to replay the experience and encourage players to return to the areas later. This can even be tagged in Nate magazine, as shown in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s Endwith players keeping track of interesting sites they might want to visit later.

new Anonymous It is rumored to be under development.

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