How to clear the cache on your Xbox One

Are you having problems with the performance of your Xbox One? You may need to clear the system cache. Here’s how to do this.

The Xbox One cache is there to speed up the overall performance, allowing the device to access the data it regularly needs at a faster rate. However, sometimes this cache can get clogged, hampering performance.

You can clear the Xbox One system cache and sometimes this can help improve performance and load times.

How to clear Xbox One system cache

To clear the Xbox One system cache, you simply need to access both the front and back of your console.

Before you begin: Make sure your console is turned off. Now perform the following steps:

  • Unplug the Xbox One power cord.

  • Press and hold the Xbox Power button three to four times.

  • Reconnect the power cord.

  • Turn on the Xbox after waiting a minute or two.

The Xbox One system cache should now be clear, and hopefully it will improve the performance of your console system.

Clear Xbox One Firmware

Xbox One consoles store permanent data, usually for DVD and Blu-ray discs. The above method for clearing the cache does not remove this persistent data, so you have to do it differently with the console turned on and the Xbox console connected and synced.

To clear permanent data, perform the following steps:

  1. open the Settings a program.
  2. Click Hardware and Connections from the side menu.
  3. Click blu ray.
  4. press a to Clear persistent storage.

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By following these steps, you should clear your permanent data, which hopefully will improve the performance of your console.

Factory reset your Xbox One

If all else fails, you may want to take the semi-nuclear option, which is to perform a factory reset on your Xbox One that will delete everything other than games and apps.

Before performing this soft reset, you must upload any of your videos or screenshots to another location, such as your Xbox One external hard drive. If your console is connected to the Internet, your game files will be in the cloud for re-downloading after performing the reset.

To perform a soft reset to factory settings:

  1. open the Settings a program.
  2. Choose System Then console info.
  3. click Re-Set Control unit.
  4. Choose Reset and keep my games and apps. You can reset to a completely clean slate if you wish, but we don’t recommend that.
  5. After resetting your Xbox One, sign back into your account.

After this reset, the performance of your Xbox One should improve.

Improve performance by clearing Xbox One cache

Having performance issues on your Xbox One can be really frustrating. Fortunately, there are ways you can improve performance on your own, such as clearing the Xbox One cache.

We hope that these procedures have improved the performance of your console somewhat, and if you notice that your Xbox One becomes slow in the future, follow these steps again.

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