How to fix “The person who bought this needs to be logged in” error

One of the nice things about the way consoles work these days – in particular X-Box Consoles – is that when someone buys a new unit, they can switch their accounts from an old unit to a new one. When someone signs into their account on the new console, everything is supposed to be transferred, whether it’s the games they purchased (which can be played on the new console) or their Game Pass account; But sometimes an error message can appear that says “The person who bought this needs to be logged in”.

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When this particular message pops up, it usually affects more than one game. It is also more likely that the person trying to play the game actually bought it. In some cases, because Xbox can hold multiple accounts and purchases, there’s a chance that the correct account actually needs to be signed in to the console.

However, when the message pops up, the error is always in need of fixing. There are several things that can cause the message to go wrong, and all of them should be checked to make sure that the problem is actually fixed.

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Check Xbox Live Status

Since your Xbox account data is stored, accessed, and validated using the internet, there are many internet issues that can cause an issue where they incorrectly indicate that people are accessing games they didn’t purchase. One of the internet issues that can pop up is the Xbox Live service that crashes completely or has issues that affect account validation.

It’s important to know that some services won’t make this error pop up, and if the Account and Profile tab is green, it’s probably not the cause.

Restart your Xbox console completely

If your Xbox Live status looks like it’s fully functional, then it’s definitely a problem on the user’s part. The first and easiest way to try to fix the account error is to completely restart your Xbox console.

This is different from putting the console into sleep mode. However, the process is basically the same. The user presses down on the middle button of the Xbox console until the options are to either put the console to sleep, turn off the console, or restart the console. Select the restart option and then let the console do the rest.

Restart the internet router

If restarting your Xbox doesn’t get the job done and you still get the same error message, it’s possible that the problem is with your internet connection, not just with Xbox Live services and instead with the user’s home router.

Just like other internet issues that can pop up in someone’s home, unplugging the router and leaving it offline for at least 30 seconds before reconnecting it will reset it and should resolve any connection issues the user is experiencing. This includes if something happens with the connection to Xbox Live, causing the message “The person who bought this needs to be signed in”.

Sign out and sign in or make it a Home Xbox

If none of the other options fix the message that appears when a user tries to launch a game or access an app, there’s a relatively quick and easy way to try to fix the problem on the Xbox and that’s to go to the directory menu and sign out of the user account.

They can then sign back into the same account, and the error message may go away. If that doesn’t fix the problem, there’s one last thing to get rid of with the “The person who bought this needs to be logged in” message.

The first step for this solution is to make sure that the user is logged into the account that has the license for the game you are trying to play. Then the user must press the middle button to open the manual and go to System and then Settings.

From there, just go to Personalization and then choose “My Home Xbox”. Select “Make this Xbox my home” then sign in to the account that contains the game license and see if the issue is now resolved. As long as which Xbox console to be used as the home is selected X-Box And everything else seems to be working the way it should, so this should probably make things right.

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