How to schedule a text on iPhone 13

The iPhone can send planned instant messages even though Apple has not directly integrated this capacity into its Messages app. With the choice of planning the date and time of sending the message, additional opportunities open up. For example, suggestions for loved ones can be arranged in advance, and ideas that might pop up in the middle of the night during business hours can be sent.

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The Mac Messages app is very flexible and fun, making it easy for Apple customers to transfer it on any of their gadgets, starting with the iPhone, and moving on to the Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac. Memoji and effects add some oomph during stuck messages, and the Share With You feature makes it easy to maintain coordination. It is also possible to send a message to an Android device, but some of the highlights will not look the same on those phones.

Apple doesn’t rule out Layout as an inherent option for the iPhone Messages app, notwithstanding that there are countless such unusual features. Fortunately, it is not difficult to set this up with a single rooted iPhone app. Shortcuts is a great way to automate things on the iPhone, in coordination with many other apps designed by Apple and various engineers. Using Shortcuts Automation or another developer shortcut, such as Delayed Time iMessage, all that is required is the time and date the message should be sent along with the recipient and instant message content.

iPhone shortcut to schedule text

When a message is sent, it would be better to keep it until another time, it is possible to set a future time using iPhone Shortcut Automation. The client can open the Shortcuts app, click on the Automation tab, and then in addition to the “+” image in the upper right. Once that is done, create a personal automation. Today’s season must be chosen, and after entering a period, click Next to continue. The customer will then, at this point, need to choose Send Message to choose a beneficiary and write a message. For reference, this automation must be erased before the next day or else it will be reworked.

For another developer option that can be planned days in advance, a shortcut called Delayed Time iMessage from Jonathan Dodds includes a few stages to check the time between the current and future date, sending an instant message when that time has passed. After the shortcut is acquired, it is placed in the My Shortcuts tab, and clicking on it will elicit vital minute details. It only works with phone numbers, not email addresses. This shortcut also appears on the Photos app’s Share Sheet so that an image can be attached to the message whenever needed. Whatever strategy is used, Apple’s Shortcuts app is the most efficient way to plan iPhone instant messages.

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