How to use the PS5 web browser

If you own a PS4, you may remember that it has a web browser app. Although gamers have used it so rarely that Sony decided not to build a dedicated web browsing app on the next generation console. However, there is a secret workaround as long as you have a Twitter account. Here’s how to use the PS5 web browser.

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Use the PS5 web browser by linking a file User account With Twitterthen locate a Tweet that displays a link to the site in your Twitter feed.

How to use the PS5 web browser

It’s possible that Sony didn’t intend for users to search the web on the PS5, because the feature isn’t fully functional. If you want to watch videos or listen to music, it is better to use dedicated streaming apps or Spotify. But the browser is very good at reading texts, such as news or reviews on our site. The only catch is that you’ll need to reach them via Twitter via an embedded link or tweet.

We don’t know if Sony plans to release a fully integrated web browser in the future, but in the meantime, you can follow these steps to unlock your PS5’s hidden web browser. To get started, open a file Settings Menu from the gear icon in the upper right corner of the main screen.

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Scroll down to Users and accounts and choose Link to other services. Choose Twitter From the available options and choose link account.

Link accounts

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A popup will ask for your Twitter account details. You can provide them to link your accounts or click the Twitter icon in the upper left corner if you want to skip directly to the web. Either way, you will need to be logged into your Twitter account.

twitter login ps5

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Once logged in, you will arrive at your Twitter homepage. Here, you can access external sites, such as Android Authority. The PS5 web browser does not take up the entire screen, but you can zoom in and out by pressing R3 analog stick.

Twitter feed ps5 web browser

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To move the cursor, use a file L3 analog stick. Click a link to an article, and now you find yourself browsing the web on your PS5.

PS5 web browser

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If there is enough consumer demand for a dedicated app, Sony may develop a web browser app for the PS5 in a future update.

Why is there no web browser on PS5?

Since gamers rarely use the web browser app on previous PlayStation consoles, Sony decided it wasn’t a priority for the PS5, focusing instead on improving other user experience features.

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