“I’m not interested in playing any other PC games because Apex Legends is my life”

Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) 2022 Split 2 Playoffs is one of the most highly anticipated tournaments in the esports world. The competition will start on April 29 and end on May 1, 2022. It’s the first Apex Legends LAN tournament in over two years.

Zidane “MeXiouS” Syahada is a professional player preparing to represent Revenant Esports at the ALGS 2022 Split 2 Playoffs. In a conversation with Debolina Banerjee of Sportskeeda Esports, MeXiouS talked about the battle royale game’s popularity, competitive scene, and more.

Note: The article has been slightly edited for better readability.

MeXiouS offers an insight into the competitive landscape of Apex Legends

Q: How hard is it to be a professional player rather than a regular player? When did you decide that you wanted to build your career around esports?

Maxius: It was quite a challenge for me as I am very new to the world of professional scenes in Apex Legends. I decided to build my esports career when I won the #46 GLL Singapore Community Cup – South Asia Pacific with a random team at the time.

Q: When did you start playing Apex Legends? What other computer games have you been interested in?

Maxius: I started playing Apex Legends in season 0, but only played a few games. After that, I retired and went back to playing in season five.

I’m not interested in playing any other game other than the main title by Respawn Entertainment, it’s my life.

Q: What do you think contributes to the huge popularity of Battle Royale games in the esports world?

Maxius: I think the biggest contributor to the massive popularity of Apex Legends is its unique way of fighting, which is different from other games where the battles are 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5. However, in this case, there is a straightforward way to fight when 60 players gather in the same lobby At the same time to fight for their survival. Thus, winning intense matches in the title of Respawn Entertainment is much more exciting and delicious than games that do not belong to the genre of battle royale.

Q: Battle royale season 13 will start in a month. What are some aspects that you look forward to the most?

Maxius: I honestly don’t know what’s new in season 13, but I’m really looking forward to Valkyrie Heirloom.

Q: You were recently signed by Revenant Esports. What are some aspects you are looking forward to?

Maxius: I don’t really know what side to look forward to in Revenant Esports because this is the first institution I’m signed into. I hope my gaming performance will stand out more than before.

Q: Are you a little intimidated because ALGS Split 2 Playoffs 2022 is the first international tournament for the Apex Legends Network since 2019?

Maxius: No, I’m not afraid at all, and it certainly won’t change my playing style at all.

Q: Which opponent will be the toughest to beat in ALGS Split 2 Playoffs 2022?

Maxius: Reignite must be from South Asia Pacific because Noyan “Genburten” Ozkose is equipped with aim assist!

s. EA’s Battle Royale title has its fair share of professional gamers around the world. Is there a specific player you are looking for?

Maxius: Two players I’m looking forward to are Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen (from TSM) and Trenton “lou” Clements (from the Sentinels). I started playing competitive Apex Legends matches because I was inspired by the gameplay in ImperialHal, and learned about movement and jitter goal from Lou.

s. What is your advice for budding pro gamers who want to become pro gamers someday?

Maxius: It is important to have strong intentions from the start. Don’t be afraid, be confident, and don’t complain because your computer specs are bad. When I first played this game, I played with very poor specs for competitive ALGS levels with 90-110 fps. Sometimes I had to play at 60-80 fps. The goal of becoming a professional player is just to be consistent with serious intentions.

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