iPhone 12 Mini at Rs. 41999 on Flipkart: Is it a good iPhone deal now?

                iPhone 12 Mini is currently available at Rs.  41,999, thus being the cheapest in 2022 so far.
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Flipkart Big Saving Days are on sale and as usual, all eyes are on iPhone deals. While the more popular iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 don’t get any price cuts, it’s the iPhone 12 Mini that grabs a huge deal. Compared to the prices you see for the iPhone 12 Mini on IndiaiStore and Apple’s online store, Flipkart offers massive in-sale price cuts. If you are looking to buy an iPhone that costs less than Rs. 50,000, looks like an excellent deal.

iPhone 12 Mini usually sells for close to Rs. 56900 without offers. However, the iPhone 12 Mini on Flipkart sits down with a huge price cut of Rs. 14901. Note that this price R41999 applies to the base 64GB version. Flipkart has not yet put the 128GB version of the iPhone 12 Mini for sale but it does offer a 256GB variant. Thus, this is more of a stock clearance sale and we may not see such low prices for this iPhone at all.

iPhone 12 Mini at Rs. 41999: Should you buy it?

Despite having such a massive price cut, the iPhone 12 Mini is a tough proposition to consider. Here are the reasons.

iPhone 12 Mini draws a lot of attention for its compact dimensions. However, the smaller dimensions also translate into a very narrow screen. At 5.4 inches, the iPhone 12 Mini’s screen is too small for doing entertainment things like watching videos or browsing social media. The problem is amplified by the notch of the large screen.

Compact dimensions also bring the problem of smaller battery capacity. On the iPhone 12 Mini, the battery life is barely enough for a full day if you use your phone a lot. 2-3 hours of screen time on time is not enough for today’s needs.

Besides the smaller battery, the iPhone 12 Mini’s charging speeds are slow, which adds to the battery issue. Only Apple’s 20W charger can charge it at full speeds, which doesn’t come in the box. MagSafe accessories and chargers can only charge at slower 12W speeds instead of the standard 15W speeds.

However, those looking for a compact iPhone will love what the iPhone 12 Mini has to offer. The A14 Bionic chip is capable of powering anything and you can expect at least 5 years of iOS updates. The cameras are good and the screen, despite its small size, looks great, especially when you see Dolby Vision content.

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