iPhone 12 Mini review in 2022

Last year after vacationing at home for a few days, I decided at the time that the iPhone 8 Plus wouldn’t last. So, the next day, I went to my local Best Buy and bought an iPhone 12 Mini.

Since I bought it, I have been using it almost every day for many different purposes such as usual texting and calling, checking social media, playing videos, also for Apple Maps, taking pictures and playing music and podcasts.

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What I can say for starters is even by 2022 standards, this is still a pretty good iPhone.

When considering whether to get an iPhone or an iPhone 13 Mini, battery life was a big aspect that played a major factor in my decision. I’ve been getting input from multiple sources but I’m still done using the iPhone 12 Mini.

I can tell that after having this iPhone as a daily driver for four months, battery life is not a big deal. I usually have a charger nearby, whether it’s near my bed, in my car, or in my office at work.

However, there have been instances where I’ve had to get as much power out of this thing as possible without a charger nearby, and this iPhone keeps it together quite well.

The sound quality is still great on this thing. I don’t always use my AirPods Max, AirPods 3, or Apple TV HD to play music, but when I play them from my iPhone 12 Mini (or even use them to play videos), the sound quality is always satisfying enough for me.

I love the fact that when it comes to cameras, I have a wide-angle option now, so if you need it, it’s there. Zooming in on photos is much sharper as you may have noticed, compared to the previous iPhone 8 Plus.

The only fault I see with this iPhone is the screen, as sometimes the OLED screen is not as bright as it should/could be. My brightness is usually all the way down unless I’m in bed or my apartment lights have completely gone off. When it says screen is full bright in Control Center, sometimes it feels like it’s about half that, after which I get full brightness.

Normally, this isn’t a problem, but I was driving home last week and the screen decided to drop its full brightness and drop to screen brightness halfway through.

Fortunately, I was close to home and my Apple Maps screen was still readable, but I hope there is some kind of software that Apple is using to fix this for iPhone 12 Mini users.

Fortunately for me, this is not a problem that happens often. I have my iPhone in Low Power Mode a lot of the time so this might be a partial reason behind this issue.

With all that being said here, the iPhone 12 Mini gets 3.5/4 stars from me. It looks nice in the hand and feels good, and gets the job done for me and probably a lot of consumers out there.

This may not be the latest iPhone on the market, but it’s still one to consider when considering an upgrade this year.

evaluation: 3.5 / 4 stars

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