iPhone 13 mini vs. iPhone 12 mini: Which Small iPhone Should You Buy?

Apple had a huge success last year with iPhone 12 mini. I managed to squeeze the same high-end devices from iPhone 12 In a body that fits in the palm of the hand – minus most of the usual small phone compromises. In our review, we found it nearly impossible to go wrong. However, a year later, Apple somehow crawled a bunch of improvements into the same body as its successor: iPhone 13 mini.

The new iPhone 13 mini fixes the few flaws that prevented the 12 mini from achieving commercial success. Notably, the battery is 10% larger and is expected to last longer when charged. However, the rest of the iPhone 13 mini bundle is an incremental upgrade, and with the 12 mini available at the lowest price ever, the very important question is whether the previous minor improvements were enough to justify paying a higher price for it today?

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