Is your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra too hot? Here are 5 ways to fix it

Although the Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup features the latest technology available, it also comes with a major flaw. Several reports are coming in about Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra devices overheating. Fortunately, there are five fixes that can help fix the problem.

Is your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra too hot?

According to reports, the smartphone heats up “normally” after a 30-minute video conference or 20-minute gaming session. This is because the smartphone’s processor works overtime to deliver high-quality graphics and music when in use.

If the smartphone is a little warmer, it should be fine after a short break. However, the problem is more serious if the device is too hot to hold in the palm of the hand. If this happens, immediately adjust the settings of the smartphone by performing the steps provided by Technipages:

5. Disable 5G and other communication functions

The calling function is one of the biggest contributors to the overheating of the smartphone. This is because the smartphone works overtime to find and “secure” a connection. Turning off features like Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, etc. should fix the problem.

4. Restrict background data

If you really need to be connected to the internet, optimize the smartphone to restrict additional apps from taking background data. Do this by going to “Settings”, “Communications” and setting “Data usage”. Remember to switch to “Restrict background data”.

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3. Disable multiple windows and close background apps

Similar to the connectivity issue, running multiple apps can strain smartphone hardware. Users are advised to get used to closing background apps when they are not in use. You can also try removing the smartphone from the case and placing it on a cold surface to cool off.

2. Update the device

Overheating issues can also be caused by internal issues with the software. Fortunately, the developers release regular updates aimed at fixing these types of problems. So it is always advisable to make sure that you have the latest Android or iOS updates installed.

1. Put unused apps to sleep

Sometimes apps keep running in the background even when they are not active. This applies to updates that are automatically downloaded to the app. To fix this, go to Settings, take care of Battery and Device. Open the “Battery” option and go to “Background usage limits.” And switch to “Put unused apps to sleep.” You also have the option to choose between “Sleep apps” and “Deep sleep apps.”

Other solutions: How to fix Samsung Galaxy S21 overheating

If the previously mentioned solutions did not work, try applying these quick fixes to your Galaxy S21.

  • Lower the brightness
  • Clear unwanted files
  • Uninstall problematic apps
  • Use standard video mode
  • Do not use the phone while charging
  • Disable fast charging
  • Charge the smartphone in a cold environment

In general, remember to give the smartphone a few minutes of rest between heavy tasks. We hope that these tips will help prevent your Galaxy S21 from overheating.

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