Keyboard not working on PS5

The DualSense 5 controller is an advanced piece of hardware, but you may have your preferences. There is no such thing as clicks for some, so what happens when a file Keyboard not working on PS5?

If you want to feel like you’re on your PC, you’ll need to understand how keyboard and mouse support works on the PS5. This means seeing common problems and limitations and troubleshooting them.

Keyboard not working on PS5 reasons

Let’s start our troubleshooting guide by naming common problems you might encounter:

  • The game you are playing does not support keyboard or mouse.
  • The keyboard or mouse is not compatible with PS5.
  • You have not enabled keyboard and mouse in your game.
  • Your PS5 has a random bug or firmware bug that prevents proper Bluetooth functionality.
  • There is a random error that disconnected the Bluetooth keyboard from the console.
  • A random power error, such as a power surge, disconnected the Bluetooth keyboard from the PS5.

As you can see, you probably don’t encounter anything serious.

How does PS5 keyboard support work?

See, the PS5 supports keyboard and mouse. It allows you to play traditionally: with a full range of PC settings.

Playing this way can be more difficult than using a console. DualSense 5 provides a host of streaming features for an easier uptime.

However, some genres, such as first-person shooters, RPGs, and MOBAs, can work best with a keyboard and mouse. Often setting up a computer is more precise and provides more buttons for planning your actions.

However, keyboard and mouse support has some caveats in the PS5. Not every game is compatible with the setting, and not every keyboard or mouse is compatible with PS5. This may be the root of your problem.

According to the PlayStation FAQ: “Keyboards, USB mice, and Bluetooth are supported at the system level, although game developers will decide whether to support them at the game level.” In other words, keyboard and mouse support varies for each game and developer.

Troubleshoot keyboard not working

We will check for possible solutions to your problem. It is often a matter of compatibility or reconnecting the keyboard and mouse to your console.

power cycle in the control unit

First, let’s make sure there are no random firmware or power errors messing up your console. Therefore, we need to perform a power cycle to clear its cache.

  1. Turn off the PlayStation by pressing and holding the power button on the console.ps5- power button
  2. After the lamp stops blinking, remove all cables for 5 minutes
  3. Plug everything back up, and turn on the PS5.
  4. Try reconnecting the keyboard and mouse again.

Reconnect the USB or wireless keyboard and mouse

ps5 usb ports

After the power controller is rotated, the next step is to reconnect the keyboard and mouse peripherals. The steps are different for the USB, Bluetooth, or wireless options.

Let’s Begin How to connect a wired keyboard and mouse to your PS5:

  1. Connect keyboard and mouse to PS5 via USB ports
  2. PS5 should automatically recognize devices
  3. You can check the peripherals by going to Settings > Devices on your PS5. There, you should find your devices and customize their options.

Wireless keyboard and mouse owners should do the following:

  1. Connect the wireless keyboard/mouse adapter to one of the USB ports on your PS5.
  2. After a few seconds, the console should detect your hardware. Your wireless mouse probably has an on/off button, so put it on!
  3. Again, you can go to Settings > Hardware To further customize your peripherals.

Finally, Bluetooth keyboard/mouse owners can follow these guidelines:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on mouse and keyboard. Make sure these devices are fully charged.
  2. Turn on pairing mode on your devices. This varies by device, but may be automatic. Otherwise, check the instructions on your keyboard and mouse.
  3. On your PS5, go to Settings > Devices.
  4. Select your devices in the new list.

Usually, you have to click on a file Exit A button on the keyboard to turn it on and make it work. Finally, owns the PS5 Four USB ports; If you need more, you will need a file USB hub like this.

Check keyboard and mouse compatibility

Almost every mouse and keyboard is compatible with PS5. Some may take different attempts or seconds to connect, and others may cause other problems. However, you should check the compatibility with the instructions for the peripherals, its official website or online.

If it’s not compatible, the PS5 won’t recognize it, no matter how hard you try. It mostly happens on wireless or Bluetooth keyboards and mice. They use signal transmitters that delay PS5 response or don’t work with the console.

Usually, you have to click on a file Exit A button on the keyboard to turn it on and make it work. Finally, owns the PS5 Four USB ports; If you need more, you will need a file USB hub like this.

Check if the game is compatible

PS5 keyboard and mouse support depends on the game and developer. In particular, you can always use these items to browse the console interface, but they become responsible for incompatible games.

Not many games support the keyboard and mouse on the PS5, although Sony does provide this option. There is, instead, a selection:

Some of these games only support the keyboard, not the mouse. Hollow Knight is an example, with its 2D mechanics requiring no mouse to be used.

Use keyboard and mouse converter

kaliber games

If the game you want to play with your keyboard and mouse does not appear in the list below, there is a workaround.

You can use an adapter. These are mostly USB hubs that allow a keyboard and mouse to be used in almost any game. Instructions for how to use each item vary, but common steps are:

  1. Connect the mouse and controller to the hub.
  2. Connect the hub to the PS5.
  3. The PS5 should recognize the peripherals after a few seconds.
  4. Use the adapter’s app to customize the peripherals.

Here are some examples of adapters you can buy:

I’ve seen people playing games like Destiny 2 on PS5 with a keyboard and mouse while using one of these adapters.

Enable keyboard and mouse configuration for each game

Next, you have to enable the keyboard and mouse in the game you are playing with your console. It’s different for each game, but you’ll usually find the options in their menu.

For example, in Call of Duty: War Zonehere are the steps:

  1. Open the game
  2. Go to file Settings
  3. Choose observer
  4. on me input deviceCelect keyboard and mouse selec t gaming input device

Also make sure to browse complements PS5-based to further customize your peripherals:

  1. go to the settings.ps5 settings
  2. Choose complements. ps5 accessories
  3. on me keyboard, Choose the language, delay and price.ps5 keyboard options
  4. Choose Writes For left or right hand use and pointer speed (Sensitivity) is on the mouse. Mouse type and sensitivity for ps5

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