Kingdom Hearts 4 will likely be PS5 and Xbox Series X only

Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts 4 With an amazing game trailer as part of the celebrations for Kingdom Hearts The twentieth anniversary of the franchise. Kingdom Hearts 4 He seems to be taking the story in a dark direction, with Sora locked up in a Tokyo-like quadratum, which is described to him as the afterlife. Kingdom Hearts 4’s The trailer for the first time shows the new flashy gameplay and movement, such as using a Keyblade as a grappling hook, but the real feature here is the game’s visuals.

Today’s video games

The Kingdom Hearts The series is no stranger to impressive games. From the cartoon originals to mobile games that take full advantage of their hardware, almost all the entries in the series have top-notch graphics. Kingdom Hearts 4 It seems like a visual treat for fans – assuming fans are lucky enough to get their hands on a PS5 or Xbox Series X. Kingdom Hearts 4 It looks so detailed and visually impressive that it cannot be released on anything but modern devices.

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Amazing pictures of Kingdom Hearts 4

Visual elements are displayed in the . format Kingdom Heart 4’s The trailer, seen above around the 4 minute mark, is absolutely breathtaking. From the detailed cityscape of the Quadratum to every single hair and pore found in Sora and the new, mysterious female character, there are plenty of details to consider. In the previous Kingdom Hearts titles, this level of detail will be mainly reserved for pre-cut clips, but Kingdom Hearts 4’s The gameplay seems to be visually unaffected.

trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 Exciting little gameplay, Sora runs through the streets of the Quadratum in an intense boss fight with a Heartless giant. On run over, obviously Kingdom Hearts 4 It uses ray tracing, something that wasn’t possible on game consoles until now. Sora can be seen reflecting on cars and buildings – even buildings mirror other buildings. No further ray tracing was shown, though the game will certainly have some reflection and lighting surprises in store to connect them to the colorful Disney worlds that Sora will explore.

finally, Kingdom Hearts 4’s The trailer showcases tons and tons of particle impacts. Formed from a circular black mass, the giant heartless core, releasing countless wisps with each attack. Sora also walks around a collapsing building while simultaneously shattering windows, spraying glass all around him. in all, Kingdom Hearts 4’s The level of graphic detail, lighting effects, and particles make the game too visually intense to run on anything but PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Kingdom Hearts’ history of pushing graphic boundaries

While Kingdom Hearts 4 Looking the best in the series ever, it is by no means the first impressive game in the series. Journey through Kingdom Heart 3’s Many beautiful worlds. Each world is visually distinct and has a high level of detail, right down to changing Sora’s outfits and gang outfits to fit the area’s theme. KH3 It might be three years old at this point, but the way the game looks and plays is impressive even by the standards of a last-generation console.

even in the hand Kingdom Hearts Visually innovative entries, such as Answer: encrypted or 358/2 days: Both are full, 3D Kingdom Hearts Titles that work on the Nintendo DS. The DS has some great games, but few of them are fully 3D. The fact that there are two tall 3D JRPGs on the console is impressive, to say the least. What are all these? Kingdom Hearts The games in common is that they’ve never had a cross-generational release. Usually every game in the series visually required difficulty to run on older consoles, and Kingdom Hearts 4 It appears to be no exception.

It’s rare to see a PS5 exclusive or Xbox Series X in general, although they will be more popular in the coming years, but games like Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and the demon souls The new version shows that taking full advantage of the console’s capabilities is worth it. It’s exciting to think about it Kingdom Hearts 4 It will do the same and give gamers even more reason to search for the latest consoles.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Currently under development.

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