LG showcases innovative digital displays and delivery robots in SCG

Visitors will see how LG’s latest advanced display technologies can transform the cruise experience for passengers, employees and operators, said Michael Kosla, vice president of hospitality at LG Business Solutions.

Indispensable feature

“High-quality digital screens that were once a luxury item are now a must-have for modern guests who are used to instant access to 4K UHD content at home, at work and on the go,” said Kosla. “Bringing innovative AV technologies into guestrooms, performance spaces and common areas is reinventing the cruise experience for guests, and forward-thinking cruise lines know that these unique technology experiences can help differentiate their brand and increase customer loyalty.”

standalone delivery robot

LG’s Seatrade Cruise Global stand (#4015) will showcase the company’s line of hospitality solutions, including 4K UHD in-room TVs ranging from 22 inches to 55 inches with LG’s Smart Web Platform. Also on display will be LG’s massive 136-inch All-in-One DVLED, Ultra-Wide Stretch HD displays, 55-inch transparent OLED display, 55-inch curved open-frame OLED display, and LG CLOi ServeBot, the world’s first UL monitor. Certified standalone hospitality delivery bot.

Models specifically developed for use on cruise ships include a matching nano-coating to help protect products from moisture, salty air, dust and other contaminants.

Bending displays

Creative content with the modernity of advanced displays

“By taking advantage of the various technologies available today, cruise operators can offer unique digital attractions that combine creative content with the novelty of advanced screens to engage guests in new and exciting ways,” Kosla added. The emergence of products such as bendable and transparent OLED digital signage displays opens up new possibilities for seamlessly integrating digital content with physical spaces to deliver fun and joyful experiences, while also allowing displays to be installed almost anywhere to provide guests with navigation and ship information. ”

LG will also showcase its webOS for signage content and device management platform, which provides AV or IT managers with unified control over all connected displays and provides extensive customization options including on-screen branding, custom channel labels, web browsing, and custom ship information channels. And more.

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