Libec HS Series – 75mm Container Liquid Tripod Head for Mirrorless

Camera support manufacturer Libec recently introduced a new line of tripod heads, the HS series. It consists of 4 different models with a maximum load of 3 to 12 kg. It includes the HS-150 which seems particularly useful for use with DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. lets take alook

While many tripod manufacturers focus on producing camera supports for heavier and heavier setups, Japanese company Libec decided to put them at the other end of the spectrum, thus developing the HS series.

Among these new products, the entry-level HS-150 stands out due to its mirror-oriented approach. In fact, according to the company, it is the only head that can achieve complete balance even with the lightest cameras in the world. At NAB 2022, we interviewed Koichi Yamaguchi of Libec to find out more. Let’s see what we discovered.

Image credit: CineD

Libec HS Bowl Fluid Tripod Head Series: Overview

The new Libec HS tripod head series consists of 4 products: HS-150, HS-250, HS-350 and HS-450. All of these models share the same 75mm bowl head design. This scale was chosen to keep weight and volume to a minimum.

The four versions have different maximum loads. In fact, while the HS-150 is suitable for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras up to 3kg, the HS-250, HS-350, and HS-450 can support up to 5, 8, 12 kg in a row.

Image credit: CineD

HS-150 is particularly interesting. In fact, the continuous balancing system, which it shares with its siblings, is able to strike a good balance even with very light camera settings. As Koichi Yamaguchi explains, the camera’s tilt angle does not change when the handle is released.

Image credit: CineD

All heads feature 4-step tilt and tilt friction settings as well as the universal Manfrotto style quick release plate. Moreover, Libec also focused on usability. Indeed, the luminous bubble and meter allow to easily check the level of the cam and the force of the counterbalance spring. Finally, two 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 tread holes in the head base can accommodate accessories without compromising the balance of the entire system.

Price and availability

Although these new four heads are certainly attractive to some users, there is currently no official information about their price. According to Koichi Yamaguchi, the mirrorless HS-150 will be a “High Quality Product” in its class. We’ll likely find out soon enough, as the HS series should hit shelves in a few months.

What tripod do you usually use with your DSLR / mirrorless camera? What do you think of the new Libec HS-150? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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