Lorex’s 2K Pan-Tilt Outdoor Security Camera is a great alternative to Blink and Google Nest

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As consumer-friendly outdoor surveillance cameras continue to emerge, there are now more options than ever to ensure the security of your home. But how does a security company stand out in such a crowded space?

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For Lorex, it’s all about providing excellent features for a great value. The outdoor 2K Pan-Tilt Camera has some great specs and tech under the hood, but how does it stand up to SPY’s rigorous review process? Lorex sent us a review unit for testing, and here’s what we found. Lately, SPY has tested all the best home security cameras, and so we were eager to see how this lesser known brand compares to the big names like Blink, Wyze, and Google Nest.

BUY: Lorex 2K Pan-Tilt Outdoor Security Camera $149.99

Lorex Outdoor Security Camera Review: What We Loved

When opening the box, consumers will find the security camera, the L-shaped mounting bracket, the mounting screws with anchors and the power cord. Installing the unit is a breeze once it’s settled in place. I’ve found that a corner of the front yard works best, as it gives a street-appropriate angle and primary focus to the front door itself.

Installation took no more than 10 minutes (mostly because I had slight difficulties getting the screws into my chosen angle). After mounting the unit and connecting the power supply, I then connected the camera to my WiFi and created some minor settings (mostly around motion tracking sensitivity), after which I was good to go. From unboxing to full setup, the whole process took about 30 minutes.

From there, it was all about testing the camera. I can definitively state that the Lorex 2K Pan-Tilt Outdoor Security Camera is the best outdoor security camera I have personally used. Outside of a slight sensitivity tweak, I was pretty much able to set and forget the Lorex command. As can be seen from the name, the video quality of this is quite impressive, resulting in really clear and sharp images.

What’s also great are the video tracking features, which allow the camera itself to pan and snap on fast motion, tracking the person as they move in a certain space. Since the camera allows for full 360-degree tracking, you can get a better idea of ​​what’s going on at any given time. Plus, you can even use the camera as a flashlight or a warning light if someone approaches. This also applies to the Night Vision mode, which does a great job of providing clarity at night. Although we don’t need it much, our current lighting setup provides a lot of clarity without using it. Likewise, Lorex has an IP66 waterproofing rating, although this is less of a concern to me because I installed it under load. However, I appreciate the weather resistance.

Lorex 2K Pan-Tilt Outdoor Security Camera Featured Body Image

Lorex 2K Pan-Tilt Outdoor Security Camera Featured Body Image

Additionally, the storage on the camera (up to 32GB) is handy because there is no cloud storage to worry about. You can replace the included MicroSD card if you want more storage. Oh, and best of all, there are no additional charges for storing any video. You can easily keep the relevant videos you need and delete the rest. With over two weeks of videos, I’m not too worried about running out of storage space in the near future.

Lorex Outdoor Security Camera Review: What We Didn’t Like

If there’s one issue with the camera, it’s minor but worth mentioning nonetheless. The camera is powered by a power cord, which means it will have to be installed near an outlet. My setup worked well more by chance than anything else, but it’s worth noting that having a truly wireless experience isn’t possible with the camera. Again, this is not a deal breaker but something worth considering when planning whether or not a camera will work for you in your space.

In addition, while the camera has warning lights, they do not Appears For a way to toggle the warning flood lights on the timer. It’s either an all-or-nothing experience. I prefer to have it on a timer during the evening so it doesn’t surprise people during the day, but in exploring the settings that doesn’t seem to be the case. Again, it’s not something that spoils the deal, but something I wish it had more customization to.

Verdict: Feature-rich external camera

With color night vision, 360-degree tracking, and pan-tilt features, these outdoor security cameras are one of the best we’ve tested so far. It’s worth its price for the video quality alone, but the camera also tracks and provides a completely panoramic view of a given area and alerts you accordingly. If you need an outdoor camera, we definitely recommend the Lorex 2K Pan-Tilt Outdoor Security Camera.

Lorex 2K Pan-Tilt Outdoor Surveillance Camera

Lorex 2K Pan-Tilt Outdoor Surveillance Camera

BUY: Lorex 2K Pan-Tilt Outdoor Security Camera $149.99

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