Mother’s Day gifts that last much longer than flowers or chocolates

We moms across America love flowers and chocolates from our loved ones on our special day — come fast now, Sunday, May 8 — but how about some gifts that last a little longer than those treats?

Take a look at some of the cool tech shows shared on “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Sunday.

These tech gifts can work well for the mom who wants to keep a close (or close) eye on her little ones (or big kids) as she moves through her day. They are also smart and easy to use.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2022

The first item on the list is from Kurt Knuttson, aka Kurt the CyberGuy: a baby monitor for new moms.

“The pixsee Smart Baby display has a smart detection inside that can tell expression [your] Baby’s face.” In addition, he can tell if the baby is screaming or crying.

Once this is detected, he added, a song or melody will come to help calm the baby.

“It’s a great innovation,” he said, commenting on the device’s additional smart detection capabilities.

Next, he detailed the number one digital frame on the market, known as the Aura Frame.

Big kids can “send mom a picture any time” they want – and then moms can see what their kids have sent (regardless of age!) and display those new pictures on the frame in their home.


For moms who have Apple Watches, the new wrist camera allows moms to make video calls, as well as send messages.

Knutson also explained, “Mom can utter a safe word to ask for help” in case she needs it.

He also discussed the TotalAV Antivirus protection package — which will “really protect and protect my mom from a variety of online dangers for months and years to come,” he said.

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Writing on his website, he added, “TotalAV has been named our Best Antivirus Choice for 2022 and rightly so. It has leading ransomware protection. [and] Virus protection. ”

It detects and removes malware — and “protects against scams, adware, spyware, and more,” he said. It works on all devices including Mac, PC, Android, iPhone and iPad.

And last but not least, he discussed Apple Airtag with Keyring, which is “an affordable way to provide the security and convenience of my mom’s set of keys.”

AirTag helps anyone track and find the items that matter most — like keys, wallet, purse, backpack, luggage, and more,” through the Find My app using Apple’s Find My app, all while keeping location data private and secure, it said on its website. .


To learn more, watch the video at the top of this article, or click here to access it.

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