NAB 2022: Atomos Cloud Studio

At the Las Vegas Tools Show, NAB, Atomos previews Cloud Studio, a new suite of cloud-based video production tools and services.

Cloud Studio, developed in partnership with MAVIS, will launch with two new cloud-based live video production services for real-time sharing and collaboration.

ATOMOS Capture to Cloud software uploads files from devices connected to the ATOMOS network to cloud-based platforms, including

ATOMOS Stream uses any device that supports the ATOMOS network to stream to platforms such as FacebookLive, Twitch and YouTube.

MAVIS has released a free copy of the MAVIS Pro camera for NAB. The app is a 4K camcorder for film makers and future updates will work seamlessly with ATOMOS Cloud Studio.

ATOMOS and MAVIS also offer a technical preview of ATOMOS Live Production, “a complete cloud-based control room for live video and remote collaboration.”

With Live Production, users will be able to produce a live show, “at the highest quality, and at a fraction of the cost”. The toolkit includes a full-featured video converter and audio mixer, with video and graphics effects, and Talkback.

Live Production can work with any camera, from professional broadcast models, through DSLR and Mirrorless, to the Apple iPhone and the system is capable of providing time code synchronization for all sources in the cloud and on every connected device. With the new ATOMOS CONNECT or SHOGUN CONNECT hardware, camera feeds are streamed to the live production system and each broadcast can be controlled in real time from a browser, iPad app, or any compatible control panel from anywhere in the world.

ATOMOS CONNECT and SHOGUN CONNECT mentioned above are also shown.

ATOMOS CONNECT fits on the back of the NINJA V/V+ and features a 12G SDI interface, ATOMOS AirGlu wireless timing code to sync all cameras, multiple power options to accommodate a variety of tuned scenarios, plus Wi-Fi 6, Gigabit Ethernet, and Bluetooth capabilities LE. When connected to the NINJA V/V+, ATOMOS CONNECT “transforms professional cinema, SLRs, and SLRs into fully integrated devices that support a range of advanced cloud-based workflows.”

SHOGUN CONNECT was billed as the first fully integrated product in the CONNECT range. It combines HDR monitoring, RAW recording, and cloud workflow and features a loop through 12G SDI IN and OUT interface with the option to activate SDI RAW and send a signal to multiple devices.

John Kramer

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