New Auto-HDR features are available in the Xbox Game Bar in Windows 11

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As you will surely remember, last year tech giant Redmond brought us all High Dynamic Range (HDR) to the PC gaming experience.

But now the company, as well as its community, is ready to take another big leap toward mastering what many of us consider the perfect escape.

Today, we are going to talk about the additional improvements to the Auto HDR experience on PC that are currently available on Windows 11 and the latest Game Bar.

Game Bar Auto HDR Intensity Slider comes to Windows 11

Some of the new features introduced recently, such as support for multiple GPUs, which includes Nvidia SLI and AMD CrossFire, are also available, but only on Windows 11 Beta and Dev Insider builds.

The Auto HDR intensity slider lets you control how vibrant and bright you want the colors in your game to be with Auto HDR. In games that are too bright or too dark, you can adjust the slider to your liking so you can get the best HDR experience automatically.

To open the Xbox Game Bar, you can use the shortcut Wins+J. To use the slider, go to the Xbox Game Bar, then tap Settings button. inside SettingsClick on Games Features Section.

Now, right in this section, you will see a button that says HDR intensity adjustment. When you click this button, a popup will appear with an intensity slider.

If you want it to remain in the game bar overlay, you can pin it by pressing the pin button at the top right. This allows you to control the intensity of the colors in your game.

Note that this slider only applies to games with Auto HDR and not to games with native High Dynamic Range (HDR). The intensity level is saved for each game, which means you can set a certain intensity level of AHDR for a specific game and it will not affect any Auto HDR settings in other games.

Game Bar Auto HDR checkbox

Available to all Windows 11 users today if you download the latest Xbox Game Bar from the Microsoft Store.

In addition to the Windows Settings app, you can now also turn Auto HDR on or off by simply accessing the Xbox Game Bar within your game.

To access these new Xbox Game Bar features, you must have a version of the Xbox Game Bar later than 5.721. You can download the latest version of the Xbox Game Bar through the Windows Store.

Multi-GPU Compatibility

Last year, we added Auto HDR support for multiple discrete GPU setups like Nvidia’s Scalable Link Interface (SLI) and AMD’s CrossFire in DirectX12 games.

So, if you have a setup that takes advantage of multiple GPUs, you can now use Auto HDR in more games.

This feature is currently available in the latest build of the Windows Insider Program in the Dev and Beta channels.

Customize Auto HDR notifications

If you are looking for Auto HDR notifications that distract you from your gameplay, you can turn these notifications off in Settings.

looking for one for Auto HDR and toggle the toggle button to on If you want to turn off notifications. We also provide the option to change the settings so that the notification stays on but doesn’t play a sound or show notification banners.

This feature is currently available in the latest build of the Windows Insider Program in the Dev and Beta channels.

What do you think of these latest tweaks that Microsoft decided to implement on the Xbox Game Bar on PC?

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