NZXT Unveils All-Powerful My Hero Academia Case for PC

NZXT PC Parts creator presents a new case based on All Might from the hit manga and anime My Hero Academia.

My hero academy It has become one of the greatest anime series of the modern era. The successful series has spanned over five seasons now and has garnered a huge fan base. My hero academy It has inspired a number of video games and animated films, as well as a number of spin-off manga titles.

The greatest superhero in the world, All Might is one of the main characters in My hero academy and gained the following. All Might acts as a guiding character in the anime, guiding main character Midoriya through his journey as a hero. Help All Might Midoriya learn and enhance his superpowers as he joins the Super Heroes Academy.

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NZXT, the creator of PC parts, has announced that it will release a computer case inspired by My hero academia everything. The CRFT 10 H510i All Might is a custom center-tower case that features a red, white and blue color scheme similar to the colors of the All Might suit. This case comes with a Plus Ultra puck disc and an All Might charm attached to it. The side features artwork of the superhero, while an image of All Might hides in his true form behind the motherboard. The CRFT 10 H510i is available for pre-order now and will cost $249.99.

The My hero academy The themed enclosure features a pre-installed RGB LED strip, allowing gamers to customize and control the lighting of the enclosure to complement their gaming space. It comes with an integrated GPU docking station that allows gamers to mount their graphics card either vertically or horizontally, allowing them to get the minute details of the build called. The H510i also features an RGB controller and fan that allows users to control two NZXT RGB lighting channels and three fan channels that support either voltage-regulated fans or PWM fans via the NZXT CAM.

My hero academy It takes place in a world that 80% of the world’s population possesses some kind of superpower called “quirks”. My hero academy It follows a young boy named Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, who was born without a quirk. One day, the boy came across his idol, All Might, who chose Midoriya as his successor, and gave him Quirk after seeing the potential the boy had. Midoriya then attends UA High School, a school where those who have the potential to be heroes are trained to develop their strength to help protect society one day. However, All Might’s enemy, All For One, trains his disciple Tomura Shigaraki in the shadows to one day destroy society and the hero culture that surrounds him.

My hero academy Available now on Hulu and Crunchyroll.

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