Philips Speech collaborates with Sembly AI to launch an all-new speech technology solution for meetings

Vienna – (work wire) –speech processing solutionsPhilips, the world leader in professional speech-to-text solutions sold under the Philips brand, has teamed up with an exciting American startup called Assembly AI. Together they will combine to deliver high-quality microphones and smart meeting technology. Sembly goes beyond simple speech recognition and offers users instant, searchable meeting transcripts, highlights key discussion moments and creates summaries.

Every meeting was captured perfectly

The new SmartMeeting Conference devices come with high-quality microphones that provide 360-degree recording, while capturing every speaker in the room and ensuring crisp, clear sound. USB and Bluetooth connectivity options ensure flexibility and allow for a wide range of use cases; Whether in the office or on the go. One of the products also features a smart camera, which can be configured to automatically recognize and focus on the participant who is speaking.

“We are pleased to say, collaborating with Sembly AI gives us new market opportunities by offering the best of both worlds. We offer best-in-class conference microphones and pair them with an intelligent meeting assistant solution, which creates an automated transcript, summary, and action list for each meeting. Our unique solutions help busy professionals save time and hold meetings more efficiently than ever before.” Dr. Thomas Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions explains.

“We are particularly excited about the complementary nature and synergy between our two teams which is expected to enhance both higher and lower company profits. Philips products integrate seamlessly with embedded Sembly SaaS to deliver greater value to our end customers” Jill McCliffe, CEO and co-founder of Sembly AI continues.

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“No matter if you work with Zoom, gMeet, Teams or Webex, our intelligent meeting assistant joins your meetings as a companion and takes notes for you.” Adds Artem Koren, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Sembly AI. Users can easily forward meeting summaries, for example to colleagues who have missed the meeting.

The new products will be available in the US, UK, South Africa, Israel, Australia and New Zealand from June 1St 2022.

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About speech processing solutions

Speech Processing Solutions (SPS) is an international technology company and a global leader in dictation solutions. Works with more than four million users around the world Speech-to-text solutions Developed by SPS and sold under the Philips brand. These solutions include web and desktop workflow programs as well as dictation devices. These smart solutions save users time and allow them to focus on their core tasks, making their business more efficient, customer focused and profitable.

Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, SPS has regional offices in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium and Austria, as well as a network of more than 1,000 distribution and implementation partners worldwide.

About Simple AI

Assembly AI is a voice and conversations analytics technology company, focused on bringing the power of natural language processing to professional meeting environments. Sembly products can simplify the working lives of distributed teams while providing powerful analytics to help teams attend less while getting more done. Sembly AI was founded by CEO Jill McCliff and Head of Procurement Artem Koren in 2019. Jill McCliffe was CEO of UMT Consulting Group which was acquired by Ernst & Young. Artem Koren was a Senior Director at Ernst & Young and Chief Technology Officer at Visual Trading Systems.

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