PNY PS5 SSD Cover Wins 2022 Red Dot Product Design Award

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April 27 2022

XLR8 SSD Cover with Built-in Heatsink Designed to Fit PS5™

PNY XLR8 SSD Cover with Built-in Heatsink Designed to Fit PS5™

PNY won a Red Dot Award: Product design for the XLR8 SSD housing with integrated heatsink, designed to fit PS5™. This product is designed to replace a standard SSD cover and provides easy installation when upgrading your expanded SSD storage**.

In 2022, designers and manufacturers from 60 countries entered the products that will be considered for the Red Dot Award: Product Design. Each product has been evaluated by 48 international members of Red Dot Jury, and only products that have won experts for their outstanding design quality have won the distinction. When it comes to new products, XLR8 Gaming powered by PNY is dedicated to helping gamers achieve the ultimate experience by combining a passion for gaming with expertly designed components.

Prof. Dr. Peter Zeke, Founder and CEO of Red Dot, said, “In this year of the competition, I was particularly struck by the exceptional creativity demonstrated by the award-winning products. It is impressive and commendable that there are still designs that can surprise us with their look and functionality.” Explains That is, the design cannot be restricted or stopped due to unfavorable conditions. On the contrary: more and more new ideas and innovations appear, future technologies are developed. The fact that the quality of these products equals the level of their innovations makes them a well-deserved winner of the Red Dot: Product Design 2022 .”

The new PNY-exclusive design integrates an SSD housing with an extruded aluminum heatsink that improves the cooling efficiency of the installed NVMe SSD. The SSD housing and the integrated heatsink work together to increase heat dissipation during intense gaming sessions maximizing the thermal performance of the NVMe SSD upgrade. Heatsink with negative pressure design delivers superior cooling performance, cooling an SSD by 40% more than no heatsink*.

About Red Dot
The Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest design competitions in the world. In three disciplines, participants present products, communication projects, and brands as well as prototypes and concepts. The distinction “Red Dot” is an internationally recognized stamp for excellent design.

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PNY XLR8 SSD Cover with Built-in Heatsink Designed to Fit PS5™


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*Cooling efficiency based on PNY internal testing on PNY CS3140, performance may be lower depending on host hardware, user settings and configurations
** Not compatible with the digital version

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