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The argument: Two people on Linden Street told police they were arguing about the crack, on Friday. The police noticed the female Actively causing conflict With the male, he told them they were quarreling and she started to face him and he pushed her away. The woman said he accused her of taking his slit, so they argued and punched her in the face. Police said they saw no visible injuries, but her eyes were red. She said the two of them “He’s been up for two days taking cocaine.”

Angry: A Lindof Street resident said a woman came to her house while she was sleeping and assaulted her, on Saturday. She said the woman accused her of stealing her boyfriend’s marijuana, pulled her out of the bed, hit her against the wall, and hit her in the face. Police said several objects had fallen and the woman had a lump on her forehead. She said the intruder’s friend tried to get her out.

Uninvited: An Oregon Street resident said she found a stranger sitting in her living room on Friday. She told the police that her dogs started barking, and when she came down the stairs to check on her she found Juvenile sleeping on her sofa. She said that when she woke him up and told him to leave he insisted he was at his house, but when I approached him to the door and called the police he jumped into the back seat of an older Jeep and left.

Hit-skip: A man in a cowboy hat drives an orange four-door Ram truck with the front of a silver BMW parked on Mall Drive and then flees the scene on Saturday. One witness said the truck driver was trying to get back into a parking lot when he hit a BMW. Police said the BMW’s entire front bumper, hood and headlights were damaged.

Found: Spectacle case containing a cracked metal tube, a glass tube of methamphetamine and various drug-related items. “stamp bags” She was found in the grass while a church member was mowing the lawn on North Fourth Street, on Friday. The police destroyed the tools.

Stolen: A Broadway resident who left his wheelbarrow in front of his house unattended returned to find it missing, on Friday. A neighbor checked his security footage and determined that the wheelbarrow was stolen less than an hour after its owner entered.

Stolen: A gaming computer, headphones, and $850 in cash were stolen from a car on 200th Street on Norris Street, on Friday. The owner said he locked the car, but his spare key was missing. He said he keeps it in the car.

The problem: A man on block 400 from Woodland needed two doses of Narcan after an overdose, on Friday. Once alerted, he admitted to using oxycodone earlier in the day and advised the police that he was addicted to methamphetamine. A drug abuse treatment form was issued and he was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Code Issues: Notices of violations have been sent to property owners/occupiers at 503 Union Ave. , litter and litter in the front and side yard, high grass; 539 Union Ave., 522 Union Ave., 1305 Arlington Ave., 1807 Oregon Ave.

Affected: A South Bend Boulevard resident told police that someone wiped his car aside while it was parked all night, Friday.

Served: Derek Davis, 34, 2400 Sunset Blvd. , Steubenville warrat for domestic violence, Fri.

Police filed domestic violence charges against Tremaine L. Davis, 47, 1331 Oregon Avenue, Steubenville, Friday.

FALSE: A woman in Murphy Field said a juvenile threw a rock at her on Friday.

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